• US /wɛt/
  • UK /wet/
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  • adj. 有售酒的; 濕的;潮濕的; 濕的 ; 雨的 ; 下雨的 ; 授乳的 ; 多乳汁的 ; 動不動就哭的 ; 濕式的 ; 濕;
  • v. 尿濕;撒尿於;
  • This is a wet bar; we can make any drink you want
  • Last summer was really wet
  • This is chair is wet, I cannot sit here
  • Sometimes children wet their bed at night

【TED】設計的首要秘技是察覺力 Tony Fadell: The first secret of design is noticing

【TED】設計的首要秘技是察覺力 Tony Fadell: The first secret of design is noticing Image 16:42
  1. it was a cold, wet, snowy day and she was warm inside a streetcar.

    那天又冷又濕,雪下不停, 她在電車上挺暖和的。
  2. when he opened the window, though, he let all this cold, wet air inside,

    但是,當他打開車窗, 他讓滿面的冷濕空氣入侵,
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臺北旅遊建議 (Taipei City Guide Travel Tips)

臺北旅遊建議 (Taipei City Guide  Travel Tips) Image 44:38
  1. was quite wet while we were there.

    was quite wet while we were there.
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愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan)

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan) Image 21:20
  1. at the snorkel shop we got fitted with wet suits, booties, and life jackets.

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台灣東海岸寶藏| 太魯閣國家公園之旅 (Taiwan's East Coast Treasure | Taroko National Park Road Trip)

台灣東海岸寶藏| 太魯閣國家公園之旅 (Taiwan's East Coast Treasure | Taroko National Park Road Trip) Image 12:40
  1. how's your extremely wet scooter ride been through the gorge here?

    怎麼樣你的滑行車非常潮濕 經過這裡的峽谷?
  2. i mean it's gorgeous but it's just a shame that it's so wet and cloudy.

    我的意思是它很華麗,但這只是一種恥辱 它是如此潮濕和陰天。
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Making Dog Hair Sweaters

Making Dog Hair Sweaters Image 08:46
  1. and doesn't it smell like a wet dog?

  2. big, wet clumps sticking together.

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時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum Image 02:03:07
  1. slippery when wet," put abrasive on the highway,

    小心駕駛"的告示 而是鋪上防滑材料
  2. so it is not slippery when wet.

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獅子王 Be prepared - Lion King

獅子王 Be prepared - Lion King Image 02:59
  1. * are as wet as a warthog's backside *

    * 就像疣豬的屁股一樣溼漉漉的
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"March 22, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles"

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Chi-squared Test

Chi-squared Test Image 11:53
  1. about that, we're looking at pill bugs and if they spend more time in the wet or if they

  2. how much time they spend in the wet and how much time they spend in the dry. so what i've

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  1. 1)when a girl is horny and leak vaginal fluid 2)when someone has a bedwetting accident 2)to smoke PCP
    1)Whenever my girlfriend sees me, her vagina becomes very wet. 2)Oh, crap! I just wet my bed and ruined a pair of underwear. 3)I've gone off the wet.
  2. When a women's vagina is fully lubricated and ready
    Don't fuck me untill my pussy is wet
  3. you horny bastard, you know what wet means
    quit asking what wet means, pervert!
  4. when a girl becomes "moist" when we she's horny
    OMG he's so hot i get wet just looking at him!!
  5. what happens when you get a [liquid] like [water] on you
    some kid: *throws water* you: fuck now i'm wet
  6. 1.what happens when i think about fucking my boyfriend or having a 3some with a hot girl 2.what happens in my panties when i picture Pam Anderson sitting on my face
    Oh you got me so wet..ohh, it's just dripping out of my pussy!!
  7. Often while playing basketball a shot can be "wet". It is a swish and is usually called before it even goes in.
    That shot is wet. John shouted "It's Wet," while David's shot was flying into the basket.
  8. The womans eqivilent to having a boner/erection/ejactulation/ etc...
    I got my girlfriend wet last night
  9. When PCP aka angeldust is sprinkled on some smokin content, that is, blunt or cigarette, and is smoked...
    " Yo Dave, I didn't know you like to get wet.. That's PCP, angeldust, Sherman Helmsley, love boat, ashy larry. " - Wayne Brady
  10. 1)when a girl is horny, and her pussy leaks fluids 2)when a guy is horny, and precum leaks out
    1) Damn, she's so wet. it's like a river coming out of her pussy! 2) guy 1: Dude, you shorts are all wet! guy 2: I know! I just can't stop thinking about my visit to the glory hole last night!