Weirdo: a very unusual or weird person. Sometimes weirdos can be unsafe to meet.
古怪的人: 不平常的或怪異的人. 有時候,和古怪的人相見不安全.

If that man turns out to be some sort of sex weirdo, it's on you.
如果那男人產生任何其他的異常性行為, 都是你的責任.

But I a creep , Ia weirdo. What the hell am I doing here?

They view him as a weirdo.

I dont know! A weirdo! They just kept breathing really heavily and wouldnt say anything.
Yummy:不知道! 一個怪人! 他只在那邊喘粗氣,一個字也不說.

【好歌推薦】電台司令-怪胎 (Radiohead - Creep)

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  1. i'm a weirdo

  2. i'm a weirdo

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大腦可以高潮嗎? (Can You Have A Brain Orgasm?)

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  1. so, do any of you experience asmr? if you don't, how much of a weirdo do i sound like right now?

    所以,你們有人有ASMR的經驗嗎? 如果沒有的話,現在聽我這樣講有多怪異?
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【The School of Life】慈善到底是什麼? (What Charity Really Means)

【The School of Life】慈善到底是什麼? (What Charity Really Means) Image 04:51
  1. is sufficiently generous and complex as to make them more than just the fool or weirdo

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  1. 1. A person who is considered strange to other people. This person may do strange things, so this person can be considered a "weirdo". 2. A non-comformist who does not follow trends or a subculture. A true 'weirdo' will juat do what they feel, and can get along with most people. This person does not actually conform to a stereotype and shouldn't be labled.
    1. Eww, he dunks his chicken nuggets in milk and hawks loogies. What a weirdo. 2. She listens to 80's music and wears tye-dye. What a weirdo.
  2. the true definition of cool, unlike the hollywood lame version. weirdos are the real deal folks. the weirder the better! weirdos rock.
    Wow Jim is such a weirdo! That's why I put honey mustard on his car door.
  3. Weird Person. Usually nonconformist.
  4. Catch-all term invented in the 1950's by low-intelligence conformists to denigrate anyone different or smarter than them. Usually used by children, idiots, and the vocabulary-challenged.
    ooh, she actually reads books for fun - what a weirdo!!
  5. a person who is weird.
    "Betty is such a weirdo."
  6. odd person
    Weirdo is the best odd yahoo developer there is out there
  7. a.) someone that does not see the world like the majority... b.) rapping & singing up in your ear hole.... c.) The person in their own zone that people think is strange, who is coming up with a master plan
    @ CarringtonSpitz I can't believe he just licked that girls ear lobe, he's such a weirdo
  8. One who is classified for being weird with things they do, things they say, or their character in general. They can be sweet loving and caring, but then shove grass in your mouth the next day. Most people find weird people as the better of the norm and therefore categorized as likable.
    Victoria&PapaChow are weirdos.
  9. you, yourself, and your entire being.
    " why am i talking to myself? im such a weirdo. "
  10. A person considered socially unacceptable or at the least tolerable within certain perameters and under strictly defined conditions, whose behaviour puts him at odds with the greater dramatis personae of human life. Often given to inapproriate remarks and outbursts the like of which may provoke verbal antagonism and, in extreme cases, physical violence against the sayer thereof. Various types of sex pest and stalkers fit the description. As do recluses, political fanatics, angry loners and comic book collectors.
    "Why did your friend ask to see my wife's 'vital statistics' at the dinner table? And what on earth does he mean?" "I don't know, pal. He's just a bloody weirdo."