• US /we/
  • UK /weɪ/
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  • n. 方面; 辦法; 狀態; 路程;距離; 方法;方向;手段;方式; 路徑;路途;路線;路程; 道路;路; 風俗;習慣;
  • adv. 遠遠地;大大地;非常地;
  • John resembles his uncle in one way - he has his big nose
  • If you choose this way to work, your work will be easier
  • The country is in a bad way both financially and politically
  • Thanks for your coming a long way to help me
  • What’s the best way to greet a person from Japan? Bow, or shake hands?
  • We went a different way since our original route was blocked
  • You can go down Clifton Way to get to the library
  • As you grow older, you will surely understand the way of the world
  • This is way too much food, I cannot eat all of it

【TED】比爾蓋茲談能源 : 至零方休的革新 ! (Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates)

【TED】比爾蓋茲談能源 : 至零方休的革新 ! (Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates) Image 29:33
  1. to falling, and falling all the way to zero.

  2. almost every way we make electricity today,

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你聽得到我嗎?關於一個聰明的想法 (Dear YouTube: HEAR ME OUT | Tyler Oakley)

你聽得到我嗎?關於一個聰明的想法 (Dear YouTube: HEAR ME OUT | Tyler Oakley) Image 05:28
  1. i went all the way back.

  2. the way i enjoy youtube,

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  1. A term commonly used in Oakville Onatrio. acronym for What are you saying?. Is grammatically incorrect in most cases however it shortens the phrase from 5 syllables to only one.
    ways tonight? just chase and getting dusted
  2. Usually said by Mexicans.Meaning fool.Its not recommended to say to Mexicans,unless you plan on getting your ass jumped.
    Mexican- "Ay way, que onda?" Translations- "Ay fool,what's happenin?"
  3. Utah-speak for [hella]. "Hella" is hella better than "way". syn. Hella, very, totally, extremely, etc.
    That car is way cool!
  4. the only proper response when someone says "no way" to your assertion(s).
    'Dude, my pops confiscated my stash!' 'Dude, no way!' 'Way!'
  5. "A term commonly used in Oakville Onatrio. acronym for What are you saying?. Is grammatically incorrect in most cases however it shortens the phrase from 5 syllables to only one." One of the originators of "ways" has helped this phrase find it way to Belleville, Ontario. In most cases it is used while being accompanied with a cali wave and sticking your tongue out and shaking your head a little.
    Ways tonight broooooo (with cali wave and tongue out) Ways man! last night was radical, bomb, soo not custyyyyyyy!
  6. used to mock someone/thing when some sort of thing happens to that thing/person.
    mam - cheese and crackers! granny fell down the well! kid - WAYYYY!!! mam - fuck up. girl one - yeah so i was giving this nigga head and then- oops i just tripped over that massive stone back there. girl two - wayy, well in dipfucker. couch potato - oh dear, look at this huuge tsunami what's gone and happened on china. friend - wayyy!
  7. Used to deny a person who rudly enters your conversation with out being asked to/ which is an acronym which means Who Asked You?
    Person#1: hey you see the game? person#2: yea i did... intruder: i saw it! person #1 and #2: W.A.Y.!
  8. An emphatic YES. When something that seems [impossible], actually DID happen. The counter expression to [No Way].
    Person 1: "Those people survived the [Ebola Virus]? No Way!" Person 2: "Way."
  9. an irish expression meaning well done you twat!!! can be used after a compatriot has made an ass of his or herself by falling or dropping something or saying something stupid
    james:(trips) sarah: WAY u absolute tool james:(looks embarassed)
  10. A term of enderment heard around the Pacmoore plant. Hispaninc in natrue, a name you would call a friend. If you were to call a Mexican man whom you did not know a "Way" you would most likely get your cola kicked.