IPA [vəˈrɪlɪti]




Maasai men are known to demonstrate their virility by spearing elephants.

To deprive of virility or spirit; emasculate.

In the Middle Ages, men wore them to symbolise their courage and virility.

Whole cultural industries derived from his much mythologized virility.

But also because his deviance is psychologically subversive to the others' spontaneous virility.

快來搞懂性愛經濟學! (The Economics of Sex)

快來搞懂性愛經濟學! (The Economics of Sex) Image 09:57
  1. virility doesnt expire by 40, or 45, or 50, or even 60. so whats the rush?

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Lecture 6 Growth Alex Schultz 中英 (Lecture 6 Growth Alex Schultz)

Lecture 6   Growth Alex Schultz 中英 (Lecture 6   Growth Alex Schultz) Image 47:28
  1. where they talked about virility.

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  1. 1. Being able to produce your precious heirs. 2. In the notorious fan fanfiction My Immortal, the author believes that virility and virginity are the same thing. Because she is an uneduactated bag of douche.
    1. "I'm 18 and terrified I've lost my virility .. help me please ..." 2. "I ran out of the room and into the Forbidden Forest where I had lost my virility to Draco and then I started to bust into tears."
  2. 1. the property of being capable of copulation and procreation 2. the trait of being manly; having the characteristics of an adult male
    Strength, agility, a healthy physique, and the ability to satisfy a woman sexually are strong indicators of a man's virility and sexual appeal.