BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE: Cord blood transplantation (CBT) possesses gr aft-versus-leukemia (GVL) effect.

The use of weight structures versus gravity, and in discriminative glazing versus nature are two examples.

A pair of contradiction versus host disease (GVHD) and graft versus tumor that cannot be attempered.

What is the difference between personal computers on the network versus employees?

Comparison interventions included non-iodised salt, iodised water, iodised oil, iodation with potassium iodide versus potassium iodate.

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins

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  1. "shoulds" versus "musts," think about your own life. i know there have been areas in

    “應該”與“務必”,想想你 自己的生活。我知道已經有地區
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Rory Sutherland: 看法決定一切 (Perspective is everything)

Rory Sutherland: 看法決定一切 (Perspective is everything) Image 18:25
  1. versus the way we treat rational, numerical, spreadsheet-driven ideas.

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時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

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  1. versus the money supply, reflects this point definitively

    對比貨幣供應量 就明確地反映了這點
  2. versus the fifth in the poorest countries was thirty to one.

    與倒數五名最貧窮的國家對比 其收入差距是30:1
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  1. Abbreviation: [VS]. 1. Against someone or something, especially in a competition or court case. 2. Alternative to something: as opposed to or contrasted with such considerations as money versus job satisfaction.
    The Germans lost in the match versus the [Netherlands].