IPA [juˈtɛnsəl] KK [juˋtɛns!]




A rolling pin is a cylindrical food preparation utensil used to shape and flatten dough.

Coufucius said A superior man can not be like a utensil for only one purpose.
子曰:「君子不器.」孔子說:「君子不能象一個器皿一樣,只有一種用途. 」

Do not apply to nonstick cooking utensil. May cause surface coating to peel.
不適用於不粘鍋類的烹飪器具, 因為可能會導致其表層脫落.

The spoon has the longest a utensil.

Objective To discuss the limitation of ultrasonic detection on prevenception utensil.

擁有和經營的智慧 (Owned & Operated)

擁有和經營的智慧 (Owned & Operated) Image 01:46:07
  1. meaning 2 billion people can put a little utensil in their hand

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  1. n. the four utensil positions are the: [spoon], [fork], [spork], and [knife]
    They got really stoned and experimented with all the utensil positions the whole night.
  2. One of three things a man uses to pleasure a woman. 1. Fingers 2. Tounge (eating out) 3.Penis
    1. Kipp: Man i used my first utensil last night! Steve: How many!? Kipp: Three!!!! 2. Kipp: Hey steve guess what! Steve: What kipp!? Kipp: I used my second utensil. last night.. and it tasted AWESOME! Steve: JEALOUS!! 3. Kipp: hey steve.. I used my third utensil last night.. Steve: Nice!! Did it hurt her? Kipp: Always does!