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v.使用( use的過去式和過去分詞);常常,經常;


We company sell used excavator, used dozer, used crawler crane, used truck crane, used wheel loader.

One is used as an attribute; the other is used as a predicative.

Model Used-This is the base model used for unit's in-game representation.

The genetic engineering technique used in the mice cannot be used in people, he said.

Biomedical fibrin glue was used in treatment group, and routine treatment was used in control group.

【TEDx】你如何定義你自己? (How do you define yourself? Lizzie Velasquez at TEDxAustinWomen)

【TEDx】你如何定義你自己? (How do you define yourself? Lizzie Velasquez at TEDxAustinWomen) Image 13:11
  1. 'hi! i used this program. look how well it worked.'"

    嗨,我使用了這個課程,看看它的效果多麼驚人。 "
  2. i worked my butt off. i used the people who were telling me

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  1. A bitch that gets fucked so much that her pussy can be heard flopping back and forth as she walks.
    Yo homey, you shouldn't try to hit that. That bitch is used.
  2. a) When someone was led into a relationship and merely "used" for sex. b) a slut c) no value, since it has no use.
    "She got used" "She is used" "Used cigarette"
  3. When a guy makes a girl feel like she is his world one minute, and the Next minute he's dropped off from the face of the earth. If ANY man does this ladies, REALIZE.... He's JUST not that into you... And have the DIGNITY to trash his number and never look back...
    He dropped off the face of the earth because he used her and instead of being a man and telling her he wasn't interested he went missing in action.