• US /ʌp/
  • UK /ʌp/
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  • v. 向上; 增加;
  • adv. 分開、分離; 向較高處;向上; 在...之上; 加大地;增高地;
  • prep. 去;
  • adj. 往上移動; 高興、快樂; 向上面 ; 向...的方向 ; 在上 ; 起床 ; 價格上漲 ; 高聲 ; 奮起 ; 發跡 ; 完成 ; 上 ; 向上地; 發生;
  • One day, Michael decided to up and quit his job
  • If you up the price nobody will buy it
  • After reading the letter from the tax office, he tore it up
  • Now is the time to get up
  • If you hold up your hand I will see you
  • The prices of daily necessaries are going up sharply
  • Salmon swim up the river to spawn
  • The little girl went up the stairs
  • He was down yesterday, but today he is feeling up
  • Let’s go up to the third floor
  • What's up, Don? Long time no see
  1. (adjective) hard or erect
    as soon as she dropped her underpants, I was up.
  2. Sexually penetrating another person, usually man-to-woman.
    Get up her, man, the world ain't gonna repopulate itself.
  3. Not down.
    [Up] is not [Down].
  4. The direction facing away from the field of gravity that most affects the traveler.
    The elevator took us up to the seven-and-a-half floor.
  5. The direction above you, unless you are upside down.
    Man, I was just sitting there and I was like, "Man, when I look up I see the sky."
  6. The ending for just about every city in Western Australia. Noongar for 'place of'.
    Joondalup, Karrinyup, Dandalup, Dwellingup, Nannup, Yallingup, Manjimup, Boyanup etc.
  7. UP can stand for UnderPowered, in contrast to [OP], Overpowered. It is used mostly in RTS forums for indicating a weakness in a unit, civilization, ect.
    The Chinese anti-cavalry units are way too UP, as they have nothing to counter the splash attack of French Gendarmes, please fix it mods.