• US /juˈnik/
  • UK /jʊ'ni:k/
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  • adj. 獨一無二的;
  • Each picture I paint is unique, I don't make copies

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins Image 34:08
  1. what does it take to create world-class marketing? what is the unique selling proposition? what

    怎樣才能打造世界級的營銷? 什麼是獨特的銷售主張?什麼
  2. people wash it out, so don't buy them, unless you're going to create something really unique.

    人們洗出來,所以不買他們的,除非 你要創造一些真正獨特的。
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沒做過這些事,別說你來過首爾! (50 Things to do in Seoul, Korea Travel Guide)

沒做過這些事,別說你來過首爾! (50 Things to do in Seoul, Korea Travel Guide) Image 29:06
  1. for women in seoul (서울) and it has a beautiful campus with a rather unique design.

    婦女在漢城(서울),它有一個美麗的 校園裡一個相當獨特的設計。
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在台灣嘗試了超讚的甜點 (Delicious Desserts to Try in Taiwan)

在台灣嘗試了超讚的甜點 (Delicious Desserts to Try in Taiwan) Image 10:12
  1. totally unique, totally mouthwatering, this video is full of treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  2. next up is another dessert made with ice cream that also has a totally unique taste.

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台灣美味的街頭小吃 (Tasty Street Food in Taiwan)

台灣美味的街頭小吃 (Tasty Street Food in Taiwan) Image 07:55
  1. a unique fruit called a bell apple.

  2. you can fill your stomach with unique flavours and textures you'll dream of long after.

    你可以用獨特的口味填飽肚子 和你很久以後夢想的紋理。
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VOX BORDERS 第二季第四集 (The decline of Hong Kong's iconic neon glow)

VOX BORDERS  第二季第四集 (The decline of Hong Kong's iconic neon glow) Image 05:48
  1. unique hong kong cinematic style: dark, dense, chaotic, futuristic, and illuminated

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台灣旅遊小秘訣 (Taiwan Travel Tips)

台灣旅遊小秘訣 (Taiwan Travel Tips) Image 10:05
  1. what i didn't expect is how this unique country would make its way into my own heart.

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  1. Unique isnt just a word that teachers tell theirspecialstudents they are, its means being different in usually a good a way, unlike the rest of the common world. It is when everyone wears white and one person wears purple. Someones unique way of talking. I hate how most people define this world like, Mr. Rodgers is trying to comfort you. Being unique is a good thing, most of the time anyway.
    Her feather hat was unique.
  2. Doing or believing in different things than most.
    Sarah is unique.
  3. Something very hard to find these days...TOO MANY DAMN FOLLOWERS OUT THERE. Why can`t people just [keep it real]!? Who cares if someone wears stuff that isn`t in style. Is it just me, or is EVERY girl`s favorite color: pink?? People do/wear/what you like. Not because everyone else does/wears it. BE YUU<3
    FOLLOWER: " omg i should buy that, its IN STYLE! UNIQUE: " WHY?!:S its fucking ugly FOLLOWER: But if I don't, I'll be a total lozer!! BESIDES EVERYONE ELSE HAS IT! UNIQUE: " *bitchslaps* YOUR SUCH A FOLLOWER. BE YUU, BITCH!:@
  4. A self-contradicting word.
    Remember: you are unique just like EVERYONE else!
  5. Remember: You are unique. Just like everybody else.
    Kate has a well-devoloped mind and makes straight A's. She is unique. Matt's a dimwit who tries to bring a pocket knife to elemetary school. He is unique.
  6. An item which has greater than normal properties, another will never be found the same. Better than a standard magic item, but often not as good as a rare or set.
    -unique- +5 sword of the brain hemoraging
  7. not like others
    everyone wear hollister.she wears volcom clothes so shes unique.
  8. It is a word that can be good or bad. I am a unique person. I have friends in every group including nerds, preps, scene, emo, goth, etc. A person who doesnt care what you think about them. Something out of the ordinary. A person that doesn't dress normally is a 'unique' person.
    Girl 1: That was a very UNIQUE choice of clothing... Girl 1 behind other girls back: That is the UGLIEST thing I have EVERRR seen! Girl 2 two weeks later to Girl 1:Wowwww aren't you wearing exactly what you called ugly just two weeks agooo?
  9. The best vocabulary to give critic negatively without piss off anybody
    Your sense of faction is very unique.
  10. A shitty word that adults say all the time to comfort stupid kids.
    Adult: Remember, you are unique. \ Kid: Shut up, shithead. Everyone else is "unique".