Gezi, including Gezi tune and the improved tune the main tune the Taiwanese (Gezi) Opera music.

You tune in one station and thus tune out all others.

Snow-tube; can tune blood pressure. Sugar. Endocrine tune. Nerve transfer.

Most experts recommend that elementary school-age children tune in cartoons and tune out war coverage.

After the transfer: patchouli, incense tree Ami, tobacco tune tune smoked leather, cedar wood, amber.

LSA 長號大師講座 (LSO Master Class - Trombone)

LSA 長號大師講座 (LSO Master Class - Trombone) Image 08:24
  1. or any vibrato in our tune.

  2. also, you can try this tune in 3/4 time signature.

    你也可以試著以 3/4 拍的節奏 吹奏這段曲調
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【TED】Rives: 凌晨四點鐘博物館 (Rives: The Museum of Four in the Morning)

【TED】Rives: 凌晨四點鐘博物館 (Rives: The Museum of Four in the Morning) Image 14:05
  1. you may recognize a certain name or a tune,

    或是你也有可能會 一直認出某個名字或一段旋律,
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最新版TuneIn Radio使用介紹!

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  1. Tune, pronounced TUUUUUNNEE, means that a really well known, good song is being played.
    A song comes on the radio. 'My days this is a TUNE, like'
  2. To flirt and attempt to get a girl to be attracted to you. Has no real derivation, but I sometimes think of it as tuning the girl to your station, not disimilar from a radio. The act of 'tuning' ceases the moment you kiss the girl or a relationship is formed. A 'tune mission' is going for a walk, mission or outing with the aim of meeting, tuning and hopefully scoring with hot chicks.
    "I've been tuning Kate lately." "Let's go for a tune mission."
  3. Something that is good, or approved of. Derived from music. Can be used in place of 'safe'. Used in London.
    What a TUNE blud That beenie wants to lips you blud. Really? Tune....
  4. A mostly Caribbean slang term that is spoken or written as an exclamation to refer to a very good song or your favorite song.