• US /traɪd/
  • UK /traɪd/
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  • v. 嘗試;試圖; 檢驗過的;試驗過的; 審問;審理; 試用,試吃(某物); 試著; 試驗(某物);
  • I tried to climb the mountain
  • The suspect was tried for murder
  • They tried the food and liked it
  • The difficult exam tried the students
  • I tried the new car and liked it
  1. When some one steps to you and tries to get a reaction and you did nothing.
    Daaaaaaammmmmmmmnnnn! Roger just tried the hell out of you!!!
  2. 1.)When someone ,or often something, tells an insulting joke to you. (orig. in Georgia middle school) resembles [burn]. 2.)When someone or often something tells an insulting joke to someoneyn. for [burn](origin. Georgia middle school kid)
    1.)sue:"Omg you have something on your face!!!!" You:"Oh really??? What?" Sue:' Uglyness" Everyone at Lunch/Class who heard:"OOOHHH She TRIED YOU!!!!! or "TRIIEEE" or "TRIED" 2.)Becky:"how can all three of you fit in that seat???" Sue & Joanna: "What the hell are you talking about???? There's only 2 of us!!!!!" Becky:"No there's actually 3 (Points to Sue) "one,(points to joanna) 2, 3!!!" Everyone on Bus who overheard:"ooh tried!!!! or "she tried you!!!!!!" or "TRIED"