• US /trænsˈmɪtɚ, trænz-/
  • UK /trænsˈmɪtə(r)/
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  • n. 傳達人;
  • A transmitter was used to send radio signals

藥物對大腦的影響(Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana)

藥物對大腦的影響(Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana) Image 02:27
  1. specifically the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol, or thc, resembles a natural transmitter called anandamide.

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April 1, 2015 - CNN Student News with subtitles

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神經荷爾蒙 (Preview of The Neuroendocrine Basis of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome)

神經荷爾蒙 (Preview of The Neuroendocrine Basis of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome) Image 06:05
  1. now, norepinephrine has two functions. in the brain, it acts as a central neuro-transmitter

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【TED-Ed】你能解出這密碼嗎? (Can you solve the passcode riddle? - Ganesh Pai)

【TED-Ed】你能解出這密碼嗎? (Can you solve the passcode riddle? - Ganesh Pai) Image 04:08
  1. you hand her a concealed audio transmitter so that the rest of you can listen along.

    你交給她一個隱藏的音頻傳輸裝置 這樣一來剩下的你們就可以竊聽
  2. unfortunately, her transmitter is no longer in range,

    不幸的是 她的接收器已經離開有效的傳輸範圍
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大英雄天團6 (Big Hero 6 vs. "Mr. Kabuki")

大英雄天團6 (Big Hero 6 vs. 'Mr. Kabuki') Image 02:12
  1. go for the transmitter behind his mask!

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  1. noun. 1) a device used to send out information (see [radio]) usally an AM or FM broadcast transmitter, a waste of power, some AM stations use 40,000,000 watts, and your radio picks up like 0.0001 watts, pretty neat system, altough most radio systems consist of two or more [transceiver]s that can send and recive radio waves without the need for a T/X switch.
    "The WTOP-AM 1500 transmitter is jamming my TV"
  2. a person that talks constantly without saying anything. This person does not have conversations with others, and is not at all concerned about anyone elses situation, they are only interested in hearing there own voice.
    Our sister Carol came over today and talked nonstop, never asked a question, interupted us everytime we attempted to talked, and changed the subject to herself anytime someone else tried to speak. She is nothing but a transmitter