Trampoline and tumbling can be traced to archaeological drawings in ancient China, Egypt and Persia.
有關蹦床和翻筋鬥的描繪可以上溯至古代中國 、 埃及和波斯的壁刻畫.

He Wenna a trampoline athlete, is my favorite sportswoman.
何雯娜,蹦床運動員, 是我最喜歡的女運動員.

Jump on a trampoline or paint your fingernails a couple of ideas.

Growing up in Pereyaslovka, Siberia, Alexandre Moskalenko lived across the street from a trampoline coach.
亞歷山大?莫斯卡倫科在俄羅斯的西伯利亞長大, 並成為一名蹦床教練.

Get an indoor trampoline and jump gently on it for 15 minutes.

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  1. she started at seven, on a trampoline with her dad.

    7歲開始 她就和父親在彈簧墊上練習
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  1. too high, we on trampoline (you see that?)

    Too high we on 直衝雲霄 Too high 誰來稍微阻止一下
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  1. A piece of equipment that you jump on and do many tricks on like Front Flips and Back Drops.. Etc
    Guess what, I did a front flip on my trampoline yesterday!
  2. The actof a girl riding a guy but bouncing up and down on his cock. WARNING: If the cock slips out of place, prepare for pain.
    That girl was unusually hyper last night and was doing a trampoline on me! Shit nigga!
  3. The act of forcing a man's penis into a woman's inner cheek lining. As the cheek reaches it's maximum extension it bounces back
    Jean and Rick played trampoline in the car during their lunch hour.
  4. A male sexual display; The act of stretching one's scrotal skin out with two hands - using thumb and forefinger - parallel to a primary surface (i.e. a bed or floor) until smooth, with the penis resting on top, utilizing the grip and taut skin to move the scrotum up and down at various speeds to have the penis bounce off of it continuously.
    tram·po·line Nountrampəˌlēn/ tram·po·line Verbtrampəˌlēn/ Variations: trampolined (past tense); trampolined (past participle); trampolines (3rd person singular present); trampolining (present participle); "Trampoline Dick"; "Trampoline Cock"; "The Trampoline"; "The Bounce" Usage Example: "I ran out of tricks once I actually got her in bed, so I just showed her The Trampoline and bounced my way back into her heart and right between her legs."
  5. The process of fingering a girl when she still has her panties on. You would push on the outside of the panties, pushing them into the womens vagina. It is in-titled the Trampoline because the panties push back just like a trampoline would. Trampolining a girl is not consider a good thing, and you should make fun of a friend if that is all he/she has done, however it is better then getting nothing.
    "Dude did you finger her last night?" "Nah man! she would not let me but she did let me trampoline her..."
  6. When you're prairie doggin' it and the shit hits you're underwear and you pull it back in.
    Guy #1: Where is the bathroom? Guy #2: I don't know dude, why? Guy #1: Because i am about to trampoline it!