• US /tɔɪ/
  • UK /tɔɪ/
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  • n. 玩具;
  • adj. 玩具的;
  • v. 玩弄;
  • Children can make a toy out of anything
  • Is that a toy car you are driving?
  • Don't toy with your food, eat it

【電影特輯】歷年奧斯卡「最佳影片獎」整理與評論 OSCARS: All Best Picture Reviews

【電影特輯】歷年奧斯卡「最佳影片獎」整理與評論 OSCARS: All Best Picture Reviews Image 22:04
  1. welcome back! “toy story 3” is only the third-ever animated movie to be nominated in this category, and surprisingly...

    歡迎回來! - 《玩具總動員3》是有史以來第三部被提名的動畫電影"玩具總動員3 "是有史以來第三部獲此提名的動畫電影 令人驚訝的是...
  2. “toy story 3” picks up many years after the last two films, but, as you'd expect, it's as if they never left.

    "玩具總動員3 "在上兩部電影后的許多年後接上了,但是,正如你所期望的那樣,它'彷彿他們從未離開過。
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【電影特輯】最受歡迎的聖誕節電影們! Most Popular Christmas Films Of All Time!

【電影特輯】最受歡迎的聖誕節電影們! Most Popular Christmas Films Of All Time! Image 08:52
  1. it's a light-hearted and nostalgic look at a 9-year-old's quest to get a toy air-rifle for christmas. it also coined the iconic phrase, "you'll shoot your eye out!"

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用直升機學物理:陀螺儀 (Helicopter Physics Series - #4 They're Gyroscopes - Smarter Every Day 48)

用直升機學物理:陀螺儀 (Helicopter Physics Series - #4 They're Gyroscopes - Smarter Every Day 48) Image 06:14
  1. (son) tinker toy ducks, scrod and rolls over your ham. [??]

    (兒子) 叮噹玩具鴨子,在你的火腿上滾來滾去。[??]
  2. so here's the tinker toy helicopter that i just made, and if you recall from the other videos,

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FAIL DISNEY MICKEY Toy FUNNY Product Review by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

FAIL DISNEY MICKEY Toy FUNNY Product Review by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia Image 03:52
  1. wow, that's a pretty innocent looking little toy. what could be wrong with this

  2. toy. wait until you see this! but, first a little innocent thing.

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  1. A person who doesn't have can control, no style, not even up anywhere. does really crappy pieces. all graffit art done by a toy look like it is mocking graffiti art. the one who fucks up your piece cuz he think you were dissing him cuz you went over that his chicken scratch tag with a bigass piece. The dude who don't leave a name behind after dissing.
    fuck a toy!!
  2. 1. An inexperienced graffiti writer. 2. Also, a poser in any one of the other elements of hip-hop.
    Orion, Soap, Addenton and Shockra are Toys!
  3. an inexperienced graffitti writer.
    Some damn toy rolled over my throw-up....looks like shit.
  4. 1- n. Inexperienced or new graffiti writer 2- adj. Graffiti writer lacking style or dissing writers for no reason, not dedicated to graffiti, e.t.c.
    1. ''You may be a toy but you're okay'' 2. ''Hey, Toy! Why'd you go over my peice?''
  5. The use of dildos or vibrators for sexual pleasure.
    Tiara used toys on herself
  6. An inexperienced graffiti writer who is new to the scene, or a graffiti writer that is terrible and has no respect, i.e caps a dope piece with a shitty toy tag. They are usually very easy to roll for they're paint.
    "Yo toy, gimme ur paint" "Did you see those pieces at North Melbourne that got capped by that fuckin' toy?" "Man that MTS crew are fucking toys, they just get up heaps but none of them can piece for shit"
  7. a slang word for drugs taken at raves usually ecstasy (MDMA) Or other uppers in pill form. other names for these drugs which originate from toys include "beanie babys"and 'alex the loin". these terms are more comonly used at british 16+ raves. whereas ameriacan ravers use the term "blits".
    "oi, bruv u got any toys?" "na homie but ive got blits!" (american accent)
  8. someone who is shit at [graffiti]. Abbreviation for [Tag] Over You
    What a toy cunt That throwy is fucking toy
  9. 1. A gun 2. Your ride
    1. Fraysa boy cockin toys yall don't wanna fuck with me, infra red got ya scared in protective custody -Frayser boy HCP 2. Now what ya know about them country boys, comin down in candy toys, playin hard, talkin noise? -Pimp C
  10. Thinking of you
    person 1: "what are you doing right now?" person 2: "TOY" person 1: "What???" person 2: "Thinking of you!!"