Toxin is the and toxic thing of development of diseases due to pathogenic toxin.

The water bloom blue algae can produce toxin and the molecular amount of toxin is 904.

A rabbit eating many such plants may absorb the toxin in all the plants.

No cyanobacterial toxin was determined in leek and soil, suggesting that the safety of cyanobacteria fertilizer.
韭菜和土壤樣品中未檢測出藻毒素含量, 表明使用藍藻有機無機復混肥對植物和土壤是安全的.

These translocation domains exist in bacterial toxin, viral proteins, transcriptional factors, homodomain and synthetic peptides.
這些轉運結構域廣泛的存在於毒素蛋白 、 病毒蛋白 、 轉錄因子 、 同源結構域及合成肽當中.

你有沒有想過...植物會思考嗎? (Can Plants Think?)

你有沒有想過...植物會思考嗎? (Can Plants Think?) Image 03:45
  1. which make their leaves unappetizing and tough to digest. some even produce enough toxin to kill the animal.

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眼見真的為憑嗎?如何分辨虛實? (How can we know what's really true?)

眼見真的為憑嗎?如何分辨虛實? (How can we know what's really true?) Image 18:52
  1. much that it starts to cause damage. if we define "toxin" as a substance that hurts

    就是攝取太多的時候。要是我們將 “毒素”定義為對人體有害的物質
  2. you then, "toxin" isn't a class of chemical. a toxin is any substance you have too much

    那 “毒素” 便不是化學物質的一類了。當我們過量攝取某個物質的時候
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