• US /tɔrk/
  • UK /tɔ:k/
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  • n. 轉力矩 ; (使)沿軸轉動;
  • It took lots of torque to turn over the engine and make it run

Indoor Flying Robots

Indoor Flying Robots Image 05:37
  1. called 'torque'

  2. when this two propellers spin they apply a torque to the air

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Unity 4.3 2D 游戏演示 (Unity 4.3 - 2D Game Development Walkthrough)

Unity 4.3 2D 游戏演示 (Unity 4.3 - 2D Game Development Walkthrough) Image 28:22
  1. by adding torque to spin them as they die.

    因此我們要讓這些敵人死後 掉入環境的河中
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关节 unity 官方教程 (Joints - Unity Official Tutorials)

关节 unity 官方教程 (Joints - Unity Official Tutorials) Image 04:28
  1. are break force and break torque.

    斷裂力道與斷裂扭力是破壞關節 所需要的最小力量
  2. also has a break force and a break torque,

    你可以設定這些力道 來指定斷裂彈簧所需要的最小數值
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物理对象(Rigidbodies)-Unity官方教程 (Physics Objects (Rigidbodies) - Unity Official Tutorials)

物理对象(Rigidbodies)-Unity官方教程 (Physics Objects (Rigidbodies) - Unity Official Tutorials) Image 05:32
  1. so for example if you're adding torque

    舉例來說, 當物件加入扭力使物件旋轉 旋轉阻力就會影響扭力並反應在旋轉速度上
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如何開鎖 (How to Pick a Lock)

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在新西兰的福特探险之旅 (Epic Ford Ranger Review in New Zealand)

在新西兰的福特探险之旅 (Epic Ford Ranger Review in New Zealand) Image 26:27
  1. ...pushing out around 147 kilowatts and 470 newton meters of torque.

    動力輸出約為147千瓦 (200ps馬力),扭力則達到470牛頓米 (47.9公斤米)
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  1. Something that korean cars just dont have
    My Shelby gt-500 just smoked that stupid kia
  2. The force that raises your heels off of the floor when you take a leak with "morning wood".
  3. Simply put from Horsepower/Torque Race Perspective, Torque is the low end power of the car. Build a motor for low end torque and it will usually take care of horsepower. Big Blocks Often tend to be good friends with torque. Torque is often created from an excessive stroke on big blocks, thus there non high reving attributes.
    My 1968 Oldsmobile 98 Weighs 4580 and is slow as hell (off the line) but has around 500ft/pds of torque and will roast tires like no tomorrow. (thats with a 2.83 diff)
  4. The turning ability of an object or power source. Also, see [Dodge Viper]. Also how [horsepower] is determined.
    To go that fast, you've got to have a lot of torque.
  5. 1) A measurment of strength, power, speed, skill, or any physical quality in general. 2) A rating scale used to rate a girls' looks or body. 3) Morning wood. Antonym- [Torqueless]
    1)"He can only bench press 115, so he's got no torque." 2)"Oh, she's got torque!" 3)"Man, I had major torque this morning."
  6. verb: aggravate, agitate, bother, irritate, torment, etc.
    My wife knew I had a fierce hangover, but she just had to torque my ass about cutting the grass anyway. I love to torque my little brother about being gay. Oh man, stop torquing me! I'll pay you when I pay you!
  7. Physics related. Reference to moment of a couple. The product of distance between a couple and the magnitude of one part of the couple!!! Geek it up yo haha
    Attempt to balance the ship by calculating the minimum torque for its meta centre to remain permanently above its centre of gravity.
  8. Torque is pulling power, and its best demonstrated as the grunt that gets you moving, while horsepower is what keeps you going. Torque is the twisting force created in an engine by rotating parts; horsepower is the measurement of how fast torque is being used.
    That VTECH Honda engine doesn't have much Torque!
  9. something ricers dont have. helps acceleration. often found in V8s and trucks ranging from a Ford F150 (with V8) to a Peterbilt(WAY over 2200FT LBs here, dun mess with a semi, it can literally rip yo car in half) and some SUVs. known to cause wheelstands, burnouts, powerslides(NOT drifting, totally differant, drifting is E-brake derives, powersliding is just sheer torque), donuts and good ET times.
    shit dude, that thing aint got no torque, im afraid i cant pink slip it so i dun humilitate u too badly...with a semi
  10. the word "Torque" can be used in a multitude of situations, typically when something excites someone
    ex. 1 Me: dud did you see that girls fat ass? ABrown: ya she couldn't have been older than 15, i'm fuckin torqued! ex. 2 Me: Check out my new RLX t-shirt! it's sweet. ABrown: I bet you're torqued ex. 3 Me: I'm torqed for college football