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  • adv. 又;也;相同;並且;而且; 太;過於;極為;非常;
  • I, too, think it’s a bit cold today
  • These shoes are too small, my feet won’t fit in them

Dropbox 大解析 (What Is Dropbox?)

Dropbox 大解析 (What Is Dropbox?) Image 01:08
  1. it's a simple way to work together on the same files too, without sending emails back and forth.

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  1. A word used to express when there is more of something than neaded, or for the word also. Often replaced by "to" and "2" by idiots.
    1. There were too many people in the crowd for me to see what was going on. 2. I wanna go, too! 3. oooo me to!!!111 4. nooo ur 2 smrat 4 me
  2. 1. A word that means, "in addition", or "in excess". 2. A word that people with an IQ below 100 seem to believe does not exist. They will often replace with the incorrect variant "to", which does <u>notu> mean the previous definition. 3. An easy way to distinguish whether or not someone is educated or intelligent. Those who use this word correctly often will be well read and have an average-to-above-average intelligence.
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