IPA [tu,tə] KK [tu]
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The speaker said he would confine himself to (try) to (answer) for questions.

Bank-To-Turn (BTT) and Skid-To-Turn (STT) control techniques are widely used in current missile control systems.

Having suggested the scheme myself, I now feel committed to (try) to (make) it work.

It is the key problem of telecommunication services to improve the end-to-end user experience.
發展此類業務的一個關鍵問題是提高端到端(End-to-end)的用戶感受(User Experience,或者叫做Quality of Experience)。

"Too" was a slip of the pen; I meant to write" to"

  1. The fire spitting rapper best known for his sick bars. As a member of the group Iambic Pen, his talent exceeds those of any other artists to step on the stage. Listening to his verses requires wit, intelligence and a sense of humor with a focus on triple entendres. Can also be used as a descriptor to imply greatness.
    That car is so T.O Never have I heard such amazing talent like that of T.O
  2. Slang for Toronto
    yo where goin to t.o to smoke some weed.
  3. Abbreviation for Toronto, Ontario, Canada. See also [tdot].
    Lucky Dragon has the best General Tso's Chicken in TO.
  4. those very sexy things on the end of a hot chicks [foot] that you wish you could be suckin on
    look at those toes dude, i wish i could suck them.