• US /tu,tə/
  • UK /tə/
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  • adv. 指向…點; 至;
  • prep. 附屬、連接的介係詞; 比較的介係詞; 指向; 給予的介係詞; 對…的反應; (用於動詞前;表示不定式); 到…範圍; 到; 表達; 放在動詞後的介係詞; 去; 然後; …和…; 到 ; 對於 ; 為 ; 使得 ; 每 ; 前方 ; 回常態 ; 停止 ; 活動狀態 ; 向 ; 往 ; 對 ; 給 ; 由 ; 至; (表示時間)直到...; 聽的介係詞;
  • I threw the ball to my friend, John
  • Three hours after the accident, the girl came to and now she’s recovering in hospital
  • I have not yet read the index to this book
  • When compared to his room, mine is quite large
  • Let’s walk to the station rather than take the bus
  • Give that to me, please
  • Why is she angry to everyone?
  • I tried to act like nothing has happened, but I don’t know what to do next
  • You should read the book from cover to cover
  • The machine makes 100 coffees to the hour
  • To my surprise, he carried out all the work for himself
  • It is easy to love a puppy
  • Move two steps to the right, please
  • I joined this course to learn more about physics
  • My brother is a senior advisor to the President
  • She went to the bathroom
  • I'll be free to 9 p.m
  • We all listened to his guitar
  1. The fire spitting rapper best known for his sick bars. As a member of the group Iambic Pen, his talent exceeds those of any other artists to step on the stage. Listening to his verses requires wit, intelligence and a sense of humor with a focus on triple entendres. Can also be used as a descriptor to imply greatness.
    That car is so T.O Never have I heard such amazing talent like that of T.O
  2. Slang for Toronto
    yo where goin to t.o to smoke some weed.
  3. Abbreviation for Toronto, Ontario, Canada. See also [tdot].
    Lucky Dragon has the best General Tso's Chicken in TO.
  4. those very sexy things on the end of a hot chicks [foot] that you wish you could be suckin on
    look at those toes dude, i wish i could suck them.