• US /θru/
  • UK /θru:/
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  • prep. 穿過;通過; 通過; 以;用;憑藉;
  • adj. 穿過,通過;從頭到尾經過;經由,以;由於,因為;完…(ad.)對穿;從頭到尾;
  • adv. 從頭至尾;直至完成;
  • The sharp knife went through the meat
  • We will drive through the mountain tunnel to the other side
  • Through your efforts we were able to win the game
  • The ball went through the window and broke the glass
  • I sang through the song, now they want me to sing it again
  1. 1. In big trouble or hot water, due to a variety of circumstances, ie. being ugly, or getting caught doing something immoral or illegal. 2. Out of fashion, [faded].
    DeShawn's lady caught him all up in that fine honey from across the street! Brother is through. I'm not going to that club - that place is through. All they play is M.C. Hammer and Arrested Development, and the ladies wear bike shorts.
  2. Beyond [busted] A really ugly girl. Through getting laid also, paying consequenses after getting busted
    That skanky old 300 pound Bitch is through! Frankie got busted with an oz of crank, that dude is through!