• US /θɔt/
  • UK /θɔ:t/
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  • v. 想、想法; 想 ; 思考 ; 想法 ; 創意 ; 體諒 ; 憂慮 ; 意思 ; 意向 ; 預料 ; 意見 ; 思想 ; 些許 ; 觀念;
  • n. 回憶; 想法;見解; 思想;
  • I thought she was ten years old, but she says she is twenty
  • I thought you liked jazz, but since you don't, we won't go to that concert
  • The thought of Paul's childhood always made him sad
  • To my thought, this will be the last chance to bring the conflict to an end
  • Ancient Greek thought is somehow related to modern scientific thought

【TEDx】你如何定義你自己? (How do you define yourself? Lizzie Velasquez at TEDxAustinWomen)

【TEDx】你如何定義你自己? (How do you define yourself? Lizzie Velasquez at TEDxAustinWomen) Image 13:11
  1. i thought the day would get better, and unfortunately, it didn't.

  2. for so long i thought what defined me

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  1. The ultimate mind trick.
    Humans are superior lifeforms because they are capable of intelligent thought. If so, why is there so much violence and hate in the world.
  2. Something that might get you into trouble if uttered aloud.
    You know what I just thought? Oh, wait, nevermind... (innocent face)
  3. Past tense of [Thinks].
    Look at that douchebag in my rear view mirror. He hit the gas extra hard at the stop light because he just HAD to be in front of me. He THOUGHT!