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There is also a construction---especially in conversation---in which 'though' comes at the end of the sentence.

Though is a concessive conjunction.
though 是讓步連接詞。

He shrugged off my crioicism as though it though it were beneath his notice.

Though lies conceal everything, though lies embrace everything, but not with any help from me.

Though me the afflatus surging and surging, though me the current and index.

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  1. though smartphones are very popular now,

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  1. you have some rituals you have in your life that you've been doing for years, even though

    你有一些儀式,你在你的生活 你已經做了多年,儘管
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  1. To add more unecessary words to a sentence....though is not really used for much when coming at the end of an already complete sentence.
    What up though? When you coming over though? His fit was clean though.
  2. although, however, nevertheless Also unnecessarily used after an object by many girls on [facebook] in order to bring attention to said object.
    ex.1 Though Jamie knew she was right for Rick, she dated Tom. ex 2. Jamie dated Tom, though she knew she was right for Rick. ex 3. Teenage girl on facebook:"my eyes/hair/face/neck/shirt/body/etc. thoooo<3" ex 4. That ass was so nice though...