• US /θɪŋk/
  • UK /θɪŋk/
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  • v. 想、想法; 想 ; 判斷 ; 預料 ; 熟慮 ; 想出 ; 想像 ; 想起來 ; 意圖 ; 企圖 ; 思考 ; 看;
  • I think we only need two more, no?
  • Hmm, I don’t know. I’ll think about it
  1. The last thing most people do before acting. An activity that's frowned upon and made taboo by every society, culture, religion, government, cult, fad, or any other large group of people.
    Boss: We don't pay you to think, now GET BACK TO WORK!
  2. what you normally do after you mess something up bad... if we could go back in time thinking would happen more often, as it is, its more of an afterthought that should have happened before you did it.
    i think that if you would have thought about it you wouldn't have done it... No, really? (does he ever think?)
  3. to overpower your brain cells and manipulate them to do things your not suppose to do. you stress your brain that causes illnesses of many kind.
    ahhh... im thinking..noooooooooo!!! i cant think of an example...
  4. The act of believing you are something special or that you will get away with something petty just to help your pathetic ego.
    Look at your gay ass, barb wire around the arm tattoo. You think!
  5. To think means to have and to be able to control a range of free-flowing ideas with no limitations. In order for something to genuinely think, there needs to be some type of "brain" to process the consciousness. There also needs to be no limitations in the thought process--such as a person's free will.
    In the movie "I Robot," the character Sonny can genuinely think because he has a free will.
  6. the new thing to call someone deep and hard to figure out. someone who thinks about things, analyzes every little situation with great care and detail. insomniacs are often thinks.
    joey: you look tired. child: i was up till three a.m last night joey: why were you up till 3 A.M last night? child: i don't know. i was thinking about things. joey: god your such a think.