• US /ðən/
  • UK /ðən/
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  • conj. 比較 ; 與其... ; 除... ; 比;
  • This car is older than that one
  1. On the internet, this word does not exist. It is an anachronism - an attempt to hold on to the old ways of proper English. Don't bother using it. People under the age of 25 will just assume you made a typo while typing "then".
    I would rather drink Drano than remember even the simplest lessons from elementary school English class. Errrrr, I mean 'I would rather drink Drano THEN remember...'
  2. Used to compare two things. Not to be confused with [then].
    Would you rather do this than that?
  3. 1 used when comparing two things, people, situations etc 2 other than except for a particular person or thing 3 would rather/would sooner ... than used to say that you prefer one thing to another 4 no sooner/hardly had ... than used to say that one thing happens immediately after another thing (@ Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English)
    1: Natalie was prettier than her sister. You need that money more than I do. There were more people there than I expected. If it costs more than $60, I won't buy it. She had woken even earlier than usual. Divorce is more common than it was a generation ago. 2: We never go to church other than for funerals and weddings. We know he lived in Fleet Road, but other than that we don't know much about him. 3: I'd rather drive than go by train. She said she'd rather die than live in the city. 4: No sooner had I got into the house than the phone rang. Hardly had they reached Edinburgh than they were ordered to return to London.