• US /'tɜ:mɪneɪtɪd/
  • UK /'tɜ:mɪneɪtɪd/
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  • v. 終止; 被……終止;
  • She terminated her pregnancy because the baby was not healthy
  • He terminated the computer program after it did not function

【商用英文】如何談論你的職業生涯 (Business English - How to talk about your career)

【商用英文】如何談論你的職業生涯 (Business English - How to talk about your career) Image 11:10
  1. be "retrenched", or: "dismissed", or: "terminated". now, let me explain the difference. when companies

  2. person could be "dismissed" or "terminated." and what does that mean? okay? that means

    「解雇 (dismissed)」或「中止合同 (terminated)」的情況。這意味著甚麼呢?
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【吉米秀】超強分手八招 (Jimmy Fallon: Tonight Show Hashtags: #AwkwardBreakup)

【吉米秀】超強分手八招 (Jimmy Fallon: Tonight Show Hashtags: #AwkwardBreakup) Image 04:48
  1. she says,"a guy broke up with me and his final words were, 'this relationship is terminated'".

    她說:「有一個男生跟我分手,他最後的言語是『這段感情終結了!』」 。(註:電影梗,阿諾所主演的魔鬼終結者 (The Terminator) 有一句經典台詞,就是 "You are terminated")
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砒霜 DNA細菌真相

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  1. i hit n, and in fact i get the message, program terminated with signal sigsegv

    我打了N,而事實上我得到的消息, 方案終止信號SIGSEGV
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老闆是在開玩笑嗎? (Is The Boss Joking? // Colleagues)

老闆是在開玩笑嗎? (Is The Boss Joking? // Colleagues) Image 03:09
  1. i'm going to need all of you to pick up the slack now that kaylan has been terminated.

    我現在需要你們每一個人接替好 Kaylan 手上中斷的工作
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  1. 1) [you're fired]. Used when Human Resources let's and employee go. 2) To bring to an end or to stop from being functional. (This was made popular by the movie The Terminator and T2 and T3.)
    1) She had to be terminated because she was emailing porn around the office. 2) The Program has been Terminated. OR I will Terminate that lying cheating son of a bitch.