• US /test/
  • UK /teɪst/
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  • n. 品味;鑑賞力;審美觀; 味覺;滋味;味道;氣味; 試味;品嚐; 體驗;經驗; 滋味;感受;
  • v. 體驗(某事); 試味;品嚐; 嚐到;
  • He has good taste in clothes; his clothes always match
  • The taste of the fruit was delicious, so juicy and sweet
  • Her songs are not always to my taste
  • I had a taste of victory and now I want more
  • When you taste love for the first time, you will be very happy
  • Please taste my soup and tell me what it needs
  • I want to taste your cheese before I buy it

沒做過這些事,別說你來過首爾! (50 Things to do in Seoul, Korea Travel Guide)

沒做過這些事,別說你來過首爾! (50 Things to do in Seoul, Korea Travel Guide) Image 29:06
  1. you really taste the marinade and then what i love the ssamjang (쌈장) gives it a bit

    你真的品嚐到醃料,然後什麼 我愛Ssamjang(쌈장)給出了一點
  2. for a taste of where seoul’s youth hang out, hop over to hongdae (홍대 - 弘大).

    對於凡爾的青年掛味道 出,跳到弘大(홍대 - 弘大)。
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在台灣嘗試了超讚的甜點 (Delicious Desserts to Try in Taiwan)

在台灣嘗試了超讚的甜點 (Delicious Desserts to Try in Taiwan) Image 10:12
  1. so you choose less by how they look and more by how you think they'll taste.

    所以你選擇的東西少了 還有更多你認為他們會品嚐的東西。
  2. next up is another dessert made with ice cream that also has a totally unique taste.

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  1. Taste - An expression meaning something is [excellent], [cool] or otherwise [good]. To be said to be "taste" is the highest form of praise possible for an individual/object/activity. Can be used as a single word expression or combined in a sentence to mean someone is doing something "taste". This is often referred to as "getting your taste on"
    "Oi mate, check her out... She's taste!" Chris: "I can't believe how well Ronaldinho is playing today" Rob: "Yeah I know, that boys got his taste on!"
  2. Term used to mean a single serving of drugs, usually heroin.
    Hey man, gimme a taste of that.
  3. Being able to distinguish the good of something from the bad as far as quality and excellence is concerned (i.e. music, clothes). Often people accuse others of having bad taste simply because they don't comply with the masses of automatons who listen and wear the same stuff so as not to be looked down as having "bad taste." It's all a bit of a double-edged sword.
    Taste is the measuring stick for how "in fashion" you are to the current fad.
  4. 1. To sample or try. 2. To own/pwn/hack someone. 3. Of good quality. 4. Hot and/or good looking.
    1. "Let me taste those gallons." 2. "Dude you just got fucking TASTED!" 3. "That tacs was soooo taste." 4. "Damn, did you see that [tang]? She was taste as balls."
  5. The act of giving or recieving fellatio or cunnilingus.
    Example 1: I texted my girlfriend that I need to be tasted tonight. Example 2: Joe: I need to bang you tonight. Jill: I can't. Aunt Flow is visiting. But, I can taste you instead.
  6. getting a shot of sex no matter what participants, sex combo (etc) or sex style is involved!!
    it became clear john was going to get a 'taste' that night the two humans connected, and soon, each were swapping a 'taste' (name) & (name) finished their bargaining, and it was time for a 'taste'!!