Optimizing techniques of taro's Cultivation and application of fertilizers can affect taro's output and commodity.

Then will Taro or Jiro turn against me?

And Japaness Foreign Minister Taro Aso said Mr. Abe may visit China as early as Octorber.

Products: catfish fillet, fresh water fish meat, fish meat products, gingko, taro.
主要產品: 魚回魚片 、 淡水魚糜 、 魚糜製品 、 銀杏肉 、 香荷芋.

He was chief executive of Taro International and a director of Union Bank Ltd.

中秋該吃什麼月餅?快看月餅百科大全!A Guide to MOONCAKES!

中秋該吃什麼月餅?快看月餅百科大全!A Guide to MOONCAKES! Image 05:07
  1. taiwan style mooncake. there are two types of taiwanese mooncakes. one has crust similar to the famous taiwanese pineapple cake. the other is the flaky pastry crust. popular fillings including, red beans, mung beans and taro paste.

  2. however, health-conscious people have invented lower-calorie mooncakes. people offer a lot of fillings, like pineapple, durian, taro, chocolate, coffee and even ice cream.

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澳門旅遊指南 - 香港澳門一日遊 (Macau Travel Guide - Macao Day Trip from Hong Kong)

澳門旅遊指南 - 香港澳門一日遊 (Macau Travel Guide - Macao Day Trip from Hong Kong) Image 16:54
  1. yeah, but we haven't had it in macao (?? - ??) and we haven't had taro before.

    是的,但我們還沒有在澳門有它(澳門 - 澳門),我們以前沒有太郎。
  2. alright, so taro milk.

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台北小籠包 (Taiwanese Food)

台北小籠包 (Taiwanese Food) Image 13:53
  1. and we're also getting for dessert we're getting a taro xiaolongbao (????) and we're

    而且我們也越來越甜點我們得到 芋頭小籠包(芋泥小包)和我們
  2. yeah, so we're trying taro xiaolongbao (??? - ???). yeah.

    是啊,所以我們正在努力太郎小籠包(小籠包 - 小籠包)。
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  1. The first emperor of Japan. He got all the ladies and was thought of as a god.
    One day I wish I was like Taro, the best of the best.
  2. 1) a perennial, tropical plant primarily grown as a root vegetable for its edible starchy corm, and as a leaf vegetable 2) a girl who makes me smile all the time. i love her quirks and being around her--i'm just a happier guy all around
    1) taro boba milk tea at tapioca express, no boba, pink straw, YUMMMMMM 2) taro hates veggies and loves coffee but i still like her