Biodegradable ethanolamine - plasticized tapioca starch ( EPTS ) was successfully prepared from plasticizer ethanolamine and tapioca starch.
用乙醇胺對木薯澱粉進行塑化,製備了乙醇胺塑化木薯澱粉 ( EPTS ) 可生物分解材料.

Tapioca starch is prepared from fresh tapioca and its dried chips in South China.

Ingredients Tapioca, salt, grouded black pepper and palm oil.
成分木薯粉 、 鹽 、 黑胡椒粉、棕櫚油.

Starch: Mainly wheat starch, potato starch, or tapioca starch.
澱粉: 主要有小麥澱粉 、 馬鈴薯澱粉或木薯澱粉.

Purchase in Vietnam: We could buy 100 , tapioca chips per year.
越南採購: 越南定點採購木薯干10萬噸,澱粉含量高.

台灣街頭食物(士林夜市) (Taiwanese Street Food in Taipei)

台灣街頭食物(士林夜市) (Taiwanese Street Food in Taipei) Image 13:14
  1. on the sides and then you can see the like the pearl tapioca jellies at the bottom.

    -黑糖在這邊也可以看到一些在底部的珍珠 -是啊
  2. don't want to choke on the tapioca balls but it is almost syrupy.

    [吞嚥] 不想被珍珠嗆到不過感覺得出來大部分是
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第一次的台灣之旅 (FIRST TIME IN TAIWAN - What To Eat And Where To Go)

第一次的台灣之旅 (FIRST TIME IN TAIWAN - What To Eat And Where To Go) Image 11:51
  1. i absolutely love taiwan [um] i think it's just rightfully correct to end it with some tapioca since uh tapioca or

    我們吃了非常多的美食,我們去爬山 還去了比較鄉下一點的地方,不是鄉下啦我是指..
  2. boba tea, or i guess pearls tapioca pearls or however you want to call them originated from taiwan

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  1. A stage 5 clinger. The type of person that doesn't leave you alone in a psycho kind of way. Synonym: tapped, obsessed, crazy
    That chick is tapioca; she texts me 24/7. Damn she showed up to my work, talk about tapioca.