• US /ˈtekən/
  • UK /ˈteɪkən/
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  • v. 接受(禮物等); 搭、搭乘; 拍(照片); 購買; 選(課); 接受(考試); 花(時間);
  • This food is free; will it be taken before it goes bad?
  • If you had taken the train you would have been early to work
  • My picture was taken last night with his camera
  • Someone has taken my pen, where is it?
  • After you have taken the first language class you can take the second one
  • The test was taken by everyone in the class
  • It has taken ten years for me to graduate from university
  1. When some girl/woman is already with some loser, and even though he's an asshole who brags behind her back about how many BJs and how much sex he gets from her, she still thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread and may never know the difference because she's clueless and ignorant. She thinks she loves him, while the only thing the boyfriend is sure of, is how much he loves that pussy, and how he'll tell her whatever she wants to hear to ensure he keeps getting it. The girl/woman, of course, is totally oblivious to this. Meanwhile the guys in her life who truly care about her are left neglected and rejected because, for whatever unknown reason, girls/women are seemingly naturally attracted to assholes and pricks.
    Why the hell are you hanging out with Mary? You know she's taken.
  2. not available to you or any other of your skanky friends!
    My boyfriend is taken.
  3. a word you use when 1. Being pestered by some dude that you have no interest in and want to go away by informing him you have a [boyfriend], and he has no chance with you... >.> 2. You notice someone is behaving past the boundaries of [just friends] with someone who is currently [involved] with another, and doesn't feel the same way. 3. You're [involved] with someone, and you're telling someone about it. 4. You hear that someone is involved with someone, but you want to hear it directly from them.
    1. "I'm sorry, but i'm taken. it was nice talking to you though." *Runs away* 2. "Hey, i've seen the way you are around Cathrine. You're well aware she's taken. time to back off a bit there buddy..." 3. "Yeah, I'm taken." 4. "Hey, I hear you're taken, is that true?"
  4. in Wexford, Ireland, ''taken'' means really embarrassed
    ''she fell over, she's taken'' ''state of him, he's taken''
  5. when a young naive girl is abducted and subsequently trafficked/murdered in a remote location, ie: Peru, Thailand based on the blockbuster film "Taken" starring Liam (Bad Ass Motherfucker) Neeson
    Person 1: My sister and I are going on a trip to Mexico for a weeklong stay! Person 2: Be careful dude, don't get taken
  6. Verb; Transitive To go on a murderous rampage to get back a kidnapped friend or loved one.
    If someone kidnapped my child, I would Taken the SHIT out of him. or When Doug was kidnapped, Phil, Stu, and Alan should have gone Taken on everyone instead of going all "Dude Where's My Car?"
  7. Given to you if you done something right. Most frequently given if you've done something awesome, you can see it as a medal.
    Woa!, you did a backflip, you're so Takens! You saved humanity, you're last name must be Takens.
  8. (preverb) a redneck preperational term for a verb that can be used multiple times in a sentence and/or conversation. (past tense: took'n)
    Heeeeeyyyyy! You know you can take'n take some laquer to that osb and take'n get a helluva nice finish.