• US /tel/
  • UK /teɪl/
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  • n. 尾巴; 尾部;
  • v. 於尾部;於後部; (秘密)尾隨;跟蹤;
  • When the dog is happy his tail moves back and forth
  • His shirt tail was hanging out of his pants
  • The street sweepers tail the horses and clean the street
  • I will tail him and see what he does all day

【每天更聰明】看看直升機怎麼運作的! Helicopter Physics Series - #2 Chopper Control - Smarter Every Day 46

【每天更聰明】看看直升機怎麼運作的! Helicopter Physics Series - #2 Chopper Control - Smarter Every Day 46 Image 05:12
  1. torque rotor on a boom, a tail rotor. this works by

  2. cause i'm a helicopter genius. [laugh] (carl) the tail rotor, just like the main blades

    因為我是個直升機天才 'Cause I'm a helicopter genius.尾旋翼和主葉片一樣,都是用尾槳做的。
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【每天更聰明】慢動作看蜂鳥學空氣動力學 (Hummingbird Aerodynamics- High Speed Video - Smarter Every Day 27)

【每天更聰明】慢動作看蜂鳥學空氣動力學 (Hummingbird Aerodynamics- High Speed Video - Smarter Every Day 27) Image 05:39
  1. he would make this tail flick. i didn't know what that was so i called dr warrick and asked him.

  2. right now dr warrick and his team of biomechanists don't really know what this tail flick means.

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誠實預告片 - 復仇者聯盟 (Honest Trailers - The Avengers)

誠實預告片 - 復仇者聯盟 (Honest Trailers - The Avengers) Image 03:41
  1. on your tail.

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Inside Birding: Behavior

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Inside Birding: Color Pattern

Inside Birding: Color Pattern Image 10:40
  1. with orange patches on the sides of the breasts, wings, and tail.

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Inside Birding: Size and Shape

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  1. A girl's ass, a girl's virgina, a female looked upon as a sex object.
    "That girl got some tail on her" (in reference to her ass). "I'm gonna get me a piece of tail tonight" ( in reference to her pussy while recognizing how nice her ass, and fiqure are, based on your own personal likes). "There was a lot of tail at the club last night."
  2. Ass, not necessarily referring to it in a sexual way, although that's possible too.
    Get off your tails and do something.
  3. tail! it's the opposite of head, and synonymous with "ass"
    I sure would like to get some tail tonight.
  4. To tail is a verb used to say follow. Most used when following someone using a vehicle.
    Tail that guy! Our boss wants to find out where he lives.
  5. 1. Noun, The car or police car who is following you, or chasing you in a car. 2. Verb, To chase someone in a car. 3. Verb, To slowly, and secretly follow someone in their car by driving behind them.
    1. "Dude, lose that tail or I'm going to pop shots out the window at em'!" 2. "Alrighty, that's it, I'm done messin' around, let's tail that dude's ass!" 3. "Let's see where they're headed. Tail em' slowly."