• US /sɪˈnɑnəməs/
  • UK /sɪˈnɒnɪməs/
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  • adj. 同義字的; 同義;
  • That runner's name is synonymous with 'fast.'
  • Your idea is synonymous with mine, showing how alike we think

"【TEDx】不被傷害,出意外的代價(TEDxKC - Brené Brown - The Price of Invulnerability)"

'【TEDx】不被傷害,出意外的代價(TEDxKC - Brené Brown - The Price of Invulnerability)' Image 15:58
  1. and in our culture we, what do we think is synonymous

  2. synonymous with a meaningless life.

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【時事新聞】數位黑暗時代的來臨可以被避免嗎? (Can We Avoid A Digital Dark Age?)

【時事新聞】數位黑暗時代的來臨可以被避免嗎? (Can We Avoid A Digital Dark Age?) Image 04:15
  1. but the world wide web is built upon the internet and the two terms are not synonymous. at this

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  1. this is another stuffy professor word. its basically stuffy old man way to say [aka]
    Breasts are synonymous with boobies