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  • v. 支持; 證實,為...提供證據; 支撐;
  • noun pl. 支撐物;
  • He supports all of his children's needs
  • His research supports my idea and we reached the same conclusion
  • She supports her brother when he cannot walk
  • If you remove these supports, the building will fall down

時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

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幽雅的宇宙 The Elegant Universe 03 (中英文字幕)

幽雅的宇宙 The Elegant Universe 03 (中英文字幕) Image 48:49
  1. that supports this weird new universe filled with

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公平金錢系統!人類未來驚世巨變!經濟!) Image 07:25
  1. which supports everyone

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【英文技巧】寫作技巧: 段落 (Writing Skills: The Paragraph)

【英文技巧】寫作技巧: 段落 (Writing Skills: The Paragraph) Image 14:33
  1. why you think what you're saying supports this idea. examples, always use examples because

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談離婚 (人類歷史(75)離婚)

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史丹佛大學校園遊 (Stanford University Campus Tour)

史丹佛大學校園遊 (Stanford University Campus Tour) Image 03:15
  1. >> stanford athletics supports about 800 scholar athletes in 35 varsity sports.

    史丹佛體育社提供運動獎學金給約800位運動員 在35種不同的運動項目上
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  1. support is aid provided to resolve an international problem or money given to resolve an international dispute
    The United Nations supported the conflict in Afghanistan
  2. 1.) Sex (of any type) 2.) Booze 3.) Controlled Substances
    Support our troops!
  3. a jockstrap, an atheletic supporter. Serves as a device for the protection of the genitals
    Matt put the support on his crotchal area