• US /səbˈmɪʃən/
  • UK /səbˈmɪʃn/
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  • n. 提交;
  • They finally reached submission after arguing for hours

時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

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13歲天才拳擊手 - Amazing 13-Year-Old Boxing & MMA Prodigy

13歲天才拳擊手 - Amazing 13-Year-Old Boxing & MMA Prodigy Image 07:18
  1. with jiu jitsu and submission grappling and he basically won every competition he competed

    與柔術和提交搏擊 他基本上贏得了每一個比賽,他的比賽。
  2. he's a junior olympic boxing champion. he's a north american submission grappling champion

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我選擇耶魯的原因 (That's Why I Chose Yale)

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如何讓你的愛人更想吻你 (How to Get Someone to Kiss You)

如何讓你的愛人更想吻你 (How to Get Someone to Kiss You) Image 03:32
  1. up. this gesture, biologically, signifies submission like in their weird caveman brains.

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V怪客 演講片段 (V for Vendetta - Speech)

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  1. To submit is either to 1) Quit or give in due to pain or insurmountable/over whelming pressure 2) To hand something in
    "Oh dear God this hurts, I submit, holy shit, I submit" "Loser, by submission is..." "I submitted my homework to you a week ago" "Applications must be submitted in 3 days"
  2. When you are on a desperate trip for food from Subway, and you will not settle or give up until that certain food (none other) is in your stomach, hence the "mission" part.
    "Need a scran, I'm feeling a Submission"
  3. A move made by a man on a woman to subdue her for strictly sexual purposes.
    Jake: Hey did you see that wicked submission I put on that chick last night? Walter: Yeah, she stopped screaming right away.