vt.& vi.大踏步走;跨過;



This means industry of our country cement and international to conformed to stride one stride again.

Firstly sprinting emphasizes stride length and stride frequency.

Holmes matched Boulmerka stride for stride down the home straight to finish second.

That results in a larger the ankle and a shorter stride length , the study showed.

Stride length and frequency are the most important elements of sprinting.

人的一生中會發生什麼事? (What Happens In One Lifetime?)

人的一生中會發生什麼事? (What Happens In One Lifetime?) Image 03:34
  1. if the average stride length is 0.71 metres

    如果你每跨一步的平均距離是 0.71 公尺
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  1. Australian slang for trousers, now rarely heard. More likely to be used in country areas.
    "If we are going out, I better put my strides on."
  2. The best brand of gum ever.
    Mmm stride sweet berry my fav.
  3. someone with learning difficulties, usually from Rawlins Community College
    'That stride just wanked off in our common room!'
  4. Trousers, pants, pantaloons, hoes, breaches. Originating in rural england, now used as Australian slang.
    "I got me some new rat traps, they'll be seeing the inside of my strides before the week is out!"
  5. To strike, or rush a object.
    I'll stride you to the lockers.
  6. a man's pants, but only in the context of him being instructed to lose them. always had a slinky, horny vibe to it.
    in my circle of pals in a small city in north america, from the 80s on, the word was really only heard in the phrase "drop those strides, cowboy..." or perhaps that was only, um, in my geographical region? or my neighbourhood? or perhaps only my street. well, actually, maybe even only in my house. but nevertheless, there are enough men out there who are familiar with this usage that it deserves an entry in this distinguished forum.
  7. Following a long weekend of being down on your luck, scoring with a chick you just met by [poking] her in the butt and [nutting] on her face.
    After dropping a grand at the poker tables, Eric's weekend wasn't a total loss as he ended it by pulling a stride.
  8. To walk for miles with the only thing in mind being STRIDE.
    Hey, do you want to go STRIDE with me to Walgreens?
  9. The act of merry making with one or more humans of the homosexual male variety, ending with an act of fellatio.
    I went out for a mates birthday back home and pulled a complete stride over this guy's face.