• US /ˈstɔri, ˈstori/
  • UK /'stɔ:rɪ/
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  • n. 話 ; 故事 ; 情節 ; 緣由 ; 傳說 ; 謊言 ; 新聞記事 ; 樓 ; 敘述 ; 以有關歷史的畫裝飾 ; 報導; 話 ; 故事 ; 情節 ; 緣由 ; 傳說 ; 謊言 ; 新聞記事 ; 樓 ; 敘述 ; 以有關歷史的畫裝飾 ; 報導;
  • This story has offices and the floors above it have apartments
  • Read the children a story before they go to bed
  1. What white-trash call Television shows.
    Bubba, run to the Piggly Wiggly and pick mamma up some smokes. I don't want to miss my stories.
  2. What grandmas call soap operas.
    "Ethel, I have to hang up the phone now, my stories are coming on!" "Thanks for reminding me, Gertrude, my story's on too!"
  3. appreviated version of the english phrase 'what's the story?' used normally by the breed of individuals referred to as scangers who inhabit the inner regions of dublin and parts of the city north of the river. is coupled with the word bud for the complete colloqual effect
    ' story bud? ye stallin over to me gaff '
  4. N. - One of the sluttiest girls in altomonte. V. - An act of sexual misconduct. Synonyms: [Slut] , [whore], [tramp], [good time], [ho], [head]
    N. - I fucked story last night three times! V. - Ya she really pulled a story last night.
  5. Cork (ireland) word for 'wassup?' or a general greeting. It came from 'what's the story?' but simply 'story?' is the shortened version.
    1st person: 'Heya!' 2nd person: 'Story?'
  6. Somethign that is decent and not trash. Whatever addison describes as story is probably wrong.
    The story of Sir. john Awesome