• US /stɑ:p/
  • UK /stɒp/
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  • v. 塞住,堵塞; 停下來; 停止,停止工作;
  • n. 中止; 停車站,休息站,停靠站;
  • Would you stop the bottle of wine as it is not finished?
  • Do you think you can stop at the end of the road and drop me off there?
  • I really need to stop smoking
  • The bike race will come to a stop in front of my house
  • My dad promised to pull over at the next rest stop

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超爆笑!教你 10 件改變你想法的生活小技巧 (10 How To's That Will Blow Your Mind!) Image 04:59
  1. hehe, stop! i have to finish this test, stop test tickling me

    嘻嘻,停止!我必須完成這個考試 停止考試中騷我癢
  2. stop! could you please just stop?

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  1. i'm really going to work hard to stop smoking, but i've been a smoker my whole life. i am

    我真的要努力戒菸, 但我是一個吸煙者我的整個生活。我是
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  1. To cease a motion.
    You stop moving motherfucker you dropped your wallet.
  2. A reply to a comment or story thats hard to believe or funny.
    He and his wife were checking into rooms at the same time with different people! Reply: STOP! I broke my arm when I fell out of bed last night! Reply: STOP!
  3. To halt or end (temporarily or permanently).
    Stop your car!!! Stop hitting your brother or else I will stop the car. Stop hitting your brother or else I will kill you.
  4. S....Shave T...That O...Overgrown P.....Pussy
    Ashly you need to S.T.O.P.!!!
  5. To cease doing an activity.
    James and Brenda stopped dating because James slept with her sister.
  6. 1) To cease an activity. 2) A place of interest during travel.
    Stop stabbing Michael in the eye with a crayon, young man, you're in third grade now. Our next stop on the way to Cornhole, Iowa, will be the world's largest ball of twine!
  7. Stop means Slow to only Pause
    Stop sign most people only slow down instead of coming to a full stop
  8. Spin Tires On Pavement
    After he properly stopped at the stop sign the cop pulled him over and slapped him with a ticket.
  9. 1. Term directing one to cease because it's Hammertime 2. Term directing one to cease in the name of love 3. Term directing one to cease, collaborate, and listen
    Joe: Stop! Belinda: Oh, no. Joe: In the name of love... Belinda: Not again. Joe: Before you break my heart!
  10. To cease do what you are currently doing.
    Please stop beating me