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  • noun pl. 凳子; 糞便;
  • The family sits on these stools in the kitchen
  • If they are healthy their stools will not run

IKEA 小空間大利用 (Small Spaces - Small ideas)

IKEA 小空間大利用 (Small Spaces - Small ideas) Image 03:18
  1. stackable stools, drawers on wheels, a bed up in the air.

    可疊起的凳、附滾輪的抽屜 還有架高的睡床。
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安德森's生物學:脂質 (Lipids)

安德森's生物學:脂質 (Lipids) Image 07:05
  1. outside that it can lead to loose stools, and it pulls vitamins outside of your body.

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這隻獨角獸改變了我便便的方式! (This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop - #SquattyPotty)

這隻獨角獸改變了我便便的方式! (This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop - #SquattyPotty) Image 02:54
  1. squatty potty. the stool for better stools.

    蹲便器。為了更佳的便便 (stools) 而生的腳凳 (stool)
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FEELING ILL: Learn British English

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Hilary Hahn的內心世界 (Inside the Mind of Hilary Hahn)

Hilary Hahn的內心世界 (Inside the Mind of Hilary Hahn) Image 01:30:22
  1. - piano stools. - piano stools.

    - 鋼琴凳 - 鋼琴凳
  2. we had a venue that had a piano but not piano stools

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有便秘困擾嗎?如果再也不排便了會發生什麼事 (What Happens If You Stop Pooping?)

有便秘困擾嗎?如果再也不排便了會發生什麼事 (What Happens If You Stop Pooping?) Image 03:37
  1. it's not quite as nasty as it sounds, like, it's not fully formed stools or anything, but also definitely not pleasant!

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  1. 1. A tall piece of furniture on which to sit. 2. A small piece of furniture on which to step on. 3. Defecant matter in which to step in.
    He stepped onto a stool to sit on his stool but slipped off and fell in some stool.
  2. shit, crap, dookie, waste from an animal or insect. usually smelling worse than what it started out as. sometimes thrown at oncomming traffic to disrupt slow moving cars.
    two gay guys are at a bar, one is sitting on a bar stool, the other comes up and says, " can i push your stool in for you"
  3. Defication from the anus of a person or creature.
    After the big party last night, I noticed that my cat left a rather large stool in his litter box.
  4. 1) Something to sit apon that is lacking lower back support. 2) An item commonly used in bar fights. 3) Fecal Matter.
    1) Please, sit on this nice, padded stool. 2) If you keep hitting on my wife, I'm gunna' break the legs off this stool and shove them up your A**! 3)Crap, Feces, Poo, waste.
  5. n. variant on the term "[tool]". typically suburban, middle-aged and professionally employed type of tool. Visibly discernible through their clever juxtaposition of graying pony-tail (or neatly trimmed "too cool to shave today" growth) with "ironic" business wear such Brooks Brothers paired with sandals. Sub-species found to nest in architectural firms, certain academic climates.
    The architect I hired to help me renovate my kitchen arrived on a Vespa, and talked down to me the whole time. What a stool.
  6. These being human [feces]. A term often coined by medical doctors who realise that old folk do not understand the term feces or bowel movements. A stool can be up to nine inches in length, that being the total expanded length of the human [rectum]. It can have a circumference of up to eight inches and can be foul stinking or without odour. So much information can be taken from a [stool], blood group, age, sex, eye color and even height and weight. A [stool] is much envied by [coprophilics] and [coprogenics]. The ingestion of [stools] is not recommended, as it can lead to fatal infection, disease and premature death. [stools] are often used in sex games, in particular [brown docking] a sexual practise that is very popular in Japan between [lesbian] Japanese women. A [stool sandwich] is a highly dangerous snack offered to an enemy, often with unpleasant side effects.
    I wrapped my stool in cling film wrap and sealed it inside a jiffy bag. I mailed it at my local post office to Noriko my coprophilic Japanese girlfriend. She called me by telephone, days later and told me how much she had loved chewing the stool and swallowing large chunks of it. I felt nauseated at the thought, yet I felt a hopeless pride in the fact that she had chosen me as a stool donor.
  7. A term for someone who is not only a [tool], but also a piece of shit. Hence the word 'stool' is used to describe them, transforming the word [tool] into a similar word describing fecal matter. Also, since a stool is also a tool for people to sit on, being viewed as implement of this nature would generally be seen as undesirable.
    Guy 1: That dude is a total stool! Guy 2: Yeah he's a tool and a turd!
  8. A piece a furnature that will beat the shit out of your face
    Snuggs threw the stool and he is now referred to as scarface.
  9. Another word for sperm or to ejaculate.
    I have lots of stool. Oh yeah, I am stooling everywhere. I stooled in her mouth.