Rib stitch, plain interlock stitch, cardigan rib stitch, semi-cardigan stitch and jacquard fabric.

The Stitch Bar allows stitch selection and tracks the placement of stitch feet and tops.

Plain stitch and interlock stitch, tucking stitch.

We supply various kinds of stitch line, fabric are cross-stitch products exported from Korea.

Do not know everybody embroidered cross-stitch work, especially on how to handle cross-stitch pillow.

【TED】聆聽羞辱感 (Listening to shame | Brené Brown)

【TED】聆聽羞辱感 (Listening to shame | Brené Brown) Image 20:39
  1. they also teach them how to stitch their self-worth

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【TEDx】發現未來的機器夥伴: David Hanson at TEDxTaipei 2012

【TEDx】發現未來的機器夥伴: David Hanson at TEDxTaipei 2012 Image 16:49
  1. to stitch these pieces together

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抓住模仿精髓!Ryan Higa教你一秒變好萊塢影星 (How To Act Like Your Favorite Actors)

抓住模仿精髓!Ryan Higa教你一秒變好萊塢影星 (How To Act Like Your Favorite Actors) Image 10:51
  1. in order to act like alan rickman, also known as professor snape from the harry potter movies, all you have to do is to make the stitch voice from lilo and stitch.

    要演得像艾倫瑞克曼,也就是哈利波特的石內卜教授的話,你要做的就是發出在星際寶貝裡史迪奇的聲音 (註:stitch是雙關:像針一樣、史迪奇)
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【迪士尼電影】10個你不知道的迪士尼小秘密 (10 Hidden Details In Disney Movies)

【迪士尼電影】10個你不知道的迪士尼小秘密 (10 Hidden Details In Disney Movies) Image 05:58
  1. lilo & stitch

  2. with the cast of lilo and stitch, since a poster of mulan hangs on lilo's mother nani's wall,

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【生活小常識】為什麼跑步的時候身體側邊會有刺痛感? (What's Causing That Stitch in Your Side?)

【生活小常識】為什麼跑步的時候身體側邊會有刺痛感? (What's Causing That Stitch in Your Side?) Image 02:44
  1. it's an attack of the side stitch!

  2. a study in the year 2000 found that 69% of runners had experienced a stitch, otherwise known as an exercise related transient abdominal pain in the last year.

    2000 年的一份研究指出,有 69% 的跑者曾經有這樣的經驗。在去年,這種疼痛也叫被命名為 ETAP (運動急性胸肋痛)
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  1. (noun) A cute and cuddily alien fiend who is often seen carrying multiple firearms. He has a friend who has the same name as a Linux bootloader.
    Wow...Stitch is SOO cool, he is the first thing Disney got right in a long ass time.
  2. 1. a TV and movie character 2. a beautiful hot gurl also by the name of elise
    1. from the movie and TV show lilo and stitch 2. heya stitch, how r u doing today?
  3. A little, blue alien often mistaken for a dog or koala. He has spines on his back, an extra pair of arms, and two antenae. Is fluffy. Often heard quoting "I'm okay, i'm fluffy"
    Stitch is one fluffy muther fucker you don't want to mess with. Without him, disney channel wouldn't exist.
  4. awesome, cool, hip, trendy
    Those boots she has on are stitch!
  5. When someone says something funny and makes you laugh really hard.
    "He kept me in stitches with his story"
  6. Total dude made of awesome.
    Rosalind is freaking awesome; what a Stitch.
  7. Rapper from [Miami] known for his hit song "Brick In Yo Face"... he's white, but he acts black as [fuck] , raps about selling [blow] and getting high on his own supply. He has a stitching pattern tatted on his lips, hence the name, and and AK-47 inked on his face as well. Easily the most ignorant rapper of all time, yet his songs are catchy and once you start listening you can't stop.
    I put that [brick] in yo face! Now watcha gon dooooo wit it - Stitches