• US /ˈstaɪfəl/
  • UK /ˈstaɪfl/
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  • v. 阻止;壓制,抑制;扼殺;
  • I had to stifle my yawn because I was in public

輕鬆看懂歐債危機 (The European Debt Crisis Visualized)

輕鬆看懂歐債危機 (The European Debt Crisis Visualized) Image 12:34
  1. that tended to stifle economic growth.

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藝術到底用來做什麼?(What is Art for?)

藝術到底用來做什麼?(What is Art for?) Image 05:53
  1. or perhaps it's suffused with a pain and drama we've had to stifle but want to get in touch with.

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美國六大媒體巨頭是誰? (Who Owns The Media?)

美國六大媒體巨頭是誰? (Who Owns The Media?) Image 03:32
  1. conglomerates have become oligopolies, and that they stifle innovation. but others point

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怎麼讓你的前任開始想念你? (How To Make Your Ex Miss You)

怎麼讓你的前任開始想念你? (How To Make Your Ex Miss You) Image 05:24
  1. miss you. and the way to stifle that pain of missing you is to get back together. so

  2. so badly that it's killing them inside and really need to stifle that pain and that heartache,

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  1. A word used by Jim Brown to tell his students to shut up!
    "George, stifle yourself before I flog you with a keyboard!"
  2. A not too common phrase, frequently used by Archie Bunker on "All in the Family," usually directed to his wife, Edith. A more modern translation would be a simple "shut up." this is one of the many famous catchphrases and taglines used by Archie Bunker. Another popular one would be the nickname he gave his son inlaw: Meathead.
    Edith: Oh, Archie!!! Let me tell you.... Archie: Edith, stifle yourself.
  3. The act of [stifling]. I.e. to suprress bowel motion.
    Kid: Hey mum I need to take a [dump]. Mum: Stifle it til we get home.