v.粘貼( stick的現在分詞 );張貼;插入;刺入;


Sticking and stitching tongue emboss Sticking and stitching vamp.

Sticking and stitching tongue overlay and tongue underlay Sticking 3㎜ reinforcement.

The snowfall was becoming heavier; it was sticking to the ground now.

It's hard to imagine sticking Grandma in a centrifuge to protect her muscle mass.

Love is sticking a message on the mirror that reads: I love you so much.

Jay Leno & Conan O'Brien Attacking Each Other

Jay Leno & Conan O'Brien Attacking Each Other Image 06:28
  1. i could now look at [indistinct]. >> gervais: you're having a good time sticking

    現在我可以看看[模糊]。 >>熱爾韋:你有一個很好的時間堅持
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Keith Barry 用頭腦變魔術 (中英雙字幕)

Keith Barry 用頭腦變魔術 (中英雙字幕) Image 19:50
  1. obviously has a stainless steel spike sticking out of it.

    很明顯的這一個有釘一根不銹鋼長釘 obviously has a stainless steel spike sticking out of it.
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餐廳用餐的英文 (Basic English vocabulary for restaurants)

餐廳用餐的英文 (Basic English vocabulary for restaurants) Image 16:11
  1. fine dining, so i'm sticking with casual, all right?

    跑到去吃太奢華的,所以我們主要就談談簡餐,好嗎 ?
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尋找恐龍寶寶(Jack Horner: Shape-shifting dinosaurs)

尋找恐龍寶寶(Jack Horner: Shape-shifting dinosaurs) Image 18:24
  1. has spikes sticking out the back of its head.

  2. that has spikes sticking out of its head, no dome

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  1. Trinidadian slang for an action that has remained incomplete for a long time. Usually employed to berate the person perpetuating the action.
    You ent finish de dishes yet? How yuh sticking so?!
  2. when a guy ejaculates on the chest of a woman and leaves his penis there until his penis is stuck on the woman's chest/breasts.
    Sticking her was an awesome idea and felt great.
  3. The sport of running around with a stick of some sort, while poking every clay man in sight.
    Clay man: I am feeling rather happy at the moment. Professional sitcker: Its sticking season
  4. To have very little pubic hair.
    Liam has stickings.