vt.& vi.粘貼;張貼;插入;刺入;




Stick your hands up!(Stick'em up!Stick them up!)

Then she climbed on the box, caughtthe stick and knocked down the food with the stick.

Stick to your principles; stick to the diet.

For analog-stick-based controllers, the input is done by twirling the stick.

Perhaps, as in life, running, and sometimes really need to stick to-and then stick over them.

在台北吃早餐 (Taiwanese Breakfast in Taipei, Taiwan)

在台北吃早餐 (Taiwanese Breakfast in Taipei, Taiwan) Image 10:15
  1. so it is like a deep-fried dough stick and all we need right now is that thick spanish

    因此,它是像一個炸油條和 所有我們現在需要的是那濃濃的西班牙
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臺北旅遊建議 (Taipei City Guide Travel Tips)

臺北旅遊建議 (Taipei City Guide  Travel Tips) Image 44:38
  1. in ningxia night market, we sampled a shrimp stick stuffed with cheese, chinese scallion

    在寧夏夜市,我們品嚐蝦 堅持與奶酪餡,中國蔥油
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雷射激光到底怎麼運作的(How lasers work (in theory))

雷射激光到底怎麼運作的(How lasers work (in theory)) Image 01:42
  1. you can stick your hand inside! they also have a bunch of other cool science videos.

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不會用新版臉書嗎?看這裡! What's New About Your Facebook Homepage

不會用新版臉書嗎?看這裡! What's New About Your Facebook Homepage Image 01:09
  1. stick with your main news feed, or check out a different feed for even more of the stories youre into.

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  1. 1 gram of weed, 15-20AUD worth Comes in a little plastic bag, packed if you're lucky
    Bro, I got us a stick today.
  2. in the boonies, in the middle of no where
    "He lives in Glenburn, ME in the sticks."
  3. Xanax (alprazolam) in 2 mg pills. They are called sticks because the shape, it looks like 4 small squares in a row in the shape of a stick.
    Yo nigga, you got any sticks
  4. 1. (v.) the act of inserting one's penis into something 2. (n.) penis 3. (adj.) the manual type of gears in a car. 4. (adj.) when something causes two objects to stay together due some type or form of an adheasive
    1. guy 1 : "wassup son?" guy 2 : " nuttin.. i'm chill" (( woman walks by, drops something and bends over to pick it up)) guy 1 : " ay.. yo.. would you stick her?" guy 2 : " hell yehh." 2. " damn babie i love it when we bone.. your stick is so hard" 3. " I can't drive stick very well, I just got my license." 4. " her body was so sticky after I cummed on her."
  5. Video game controllers.
    Yo hop on the sticks so i can beat you one more time in tekken.
  6. Verb. The act of stabbing someone with a weapon, usually a knife.
    I swear I'll stick you if you don't give me your wallet
  7. "stick" is a slang term used in south florida(miami for example) which is used to describe an ak- 47, but is also sometimes used to describe a big gun(automatic) such as an ar- 15 or m- 16.
    goon #1:man these f*** n****'s around the corner just tryed me! goon #2: man f*** that go grab the stick!
  8. a car that runs on manual (stick shift) transmission.
    My new vettes a stick, six speed w/posi-drive.
  9. A word used in UK slang meaning [gun], [handgun], [pistol] ect. Very commonly used in south london.
    Blud i swear, manz over there always carryin sticks. Whatever happened to the days when we didnt roll wid these sticks man That brea thinks he bad coz hes got a stick. "if you aint got your stick with u m8/ don't even itch up your waiste/ or a breadrin gunna remember the night that he fucked up your face/" - Mike GLC.
  10. pool (the game)
    "dude, let's shoot some stick after work."