• US /stɛp/
  • UK /step/
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  • n. 舞步; 一步(的距離); 步驟;階段; 腳步聲; 樓梯,台階,階梯,踏上;
  • v. 步驟;
  • Kevin and his partner learned each step to the new dance
  • Tim's door was only one step from the garden
  • James followed each step of the recipe carefully
  • Don’t take one more step towards me ..
  • He waited on the step outside the front door until she came
  • Be careful, don’t step on that bug
  1. Rush, bring drama or violence to.
    Don't step to me, muthufucku or you get wacked.
  2. approach someone with the intention of causing trouble
    i will step to that guy if he keeps looking at my girlfriend
  3. Attempting to be cool but most of the time failing. Acting like you're someone better than you are.
    "Susan step cool". "Don't step."
  4. To leave, usually by invitation.
    You'd best get to steppin'.
  5. Lines that scene girls and some boys shave in the sides of their heads in order to fulfill their dream of becomeing 3xtr3m3 fashioncore 1337 hipsters. Some put them on both sides, some on only one. Some have five lines, some have 2. Some are straight, some have edges in them. It probably really sucks when after they realize how ridiculous they look and decide to grow them out and they have all these little hairs that stick out on the sides of their head.
    Dang that girl has some nice a$$ steps, I bet she's 1337 scene girl!!!!!!
  6. Verb- A dance move made popular in seattle by dj view. If you know how to step and a stepping song comes on (happy people) one must drop everything he is doing no matter where you are or who youre with, grab a breezy (must be a stranger), and do the step.
    What do we do, when the DJs playin our favorite groove... we step...
  7. verb meaning to confront, to approach (usually)
    Mike: All I know is, you a two-faced punk, and yo ass need to be slapped! John: Yo, why you aint just step to me like a man
  8. go away leave me alone
    you're really annoying me - you'd better step before i get angry
  9. New shoes. Mostly refers to shoes that are desirable and/or stylish. Similar to kicks.
    "Hey man check out these new steps i got last night." "Man, those steps are tight!"
  10. lines shaved into the side of your head using clippers.
    kid: can you gimme some steps? hairdresser: i have never heard of those. kid: well, just shave some lines into the side of my head.