• US /stɑr/
  • UK /stɑ:(r)/
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  • v. 主演,擔任主角; 表現出色; 用星號標出;
  • n. 明星; 明星;傑出人物; 星象; 星星;星體; 星形;
  • Kelly will star in her school's musical production
  • Ernie will star as the leader of his school debate team
  • Our teacher will star our papers if we do well
  • Robert asked the famous football star to sign his notebook
  • Emi was the star of her school volleyball team
  • My star is Aires, but to be honest it’s a pile of rubbish
  • The star shone brightly in the night sky
  • When Gary does well on a test, he earns a gold star
  1. [star] is a real name- she is sweet beautiful funny and smart all in one..a blast to have around all the time she knows how to live life how it comes..
  2. friend/bedrin
    wagwan star
  3. Canadian band on the Arts & Crafts label. They write catchy, well-constructed indie pop songs. Members are: Torquil Campbell, Chris Seligman, Evan Cranley, and Amy Millan.
    If you like catchy, well-constructed indie pop songs, you should check out Stars, Broken Social Scene, and Metric.
  4. Jamaican common term of affection or camaraderie. Similar to "dude", "man" or " Buddy"
    "One love, star" " Pass tha blunt down, star"
  5. a female that is extremely attractive.
    There sure are a lot of stars here tonight.
  6. An immense collection of very light elements. A star is over 95% hydrogen with trace amounts of helium, oxygen, carbon, and other heavy elements. The star derives its energy from a thermonuclear reaction initieted by the pressure created by the gravitational pull of the gasses inward. A star will burn for millions if not billions of years before the hydrogen supply is depleted and the star's nuclear fusion reaction fails. The star will then explode and remove an outer layer of gasses and then collapse into a dense state. Average stars collapse into Dwarf Stars while massive ones form neutro stars of black holes.
    Stars are not made of methane!!!!!!!
  7. A best friend
    Jizzy, you are a star!
  8. Special tactics And Rescue Squad
    Resident Evil 2 S.T.A.R.S. - Special tactics And Rescue Squad
  9. Stars, as in '**' [the asterix key], are commonly used when communicating through texts, [msn messenger], [yahoo messenger ]etc. They are used to depict an action. Can also be used to correct a spelling error. RULES OF STAR USE: 1. Present tense must be used inbetween stars. 2. Whatever is written inbetween stars must represent an action. 3. When doing something involving the other person you're talking to, you can either refer to them as 'you', or use their name. 4. If you accidently leave out a star, when correcting you must not let a star be on its own because it will be lonely. 5. If you are going to use the stars twice in a row, only one star is needed inbetween the two phrases. 6. There are special rules of star use for the goodbye routine which is only done by superior and interesting people. 7. Finally, treat the stars well. They are very special and I love them.
    Standard uses of stars: *Waves at monitor* *Dances* When correcting: 'Doing aynthign today?' 'anything*' Example of rule 4: '*Offers Simon a sweet' '**' Example of rule 5: '*Is now talking crap*shuts up*' An example of rule 6 is unavailable due to the goodbye routine being sacred.
  10. What you see when you ski into a pole. Previously thought to have only been seen by cartoon characters.
    Ursula: Ow... I saw stars when I skiied face first into that pole. Mom: Brilliant.