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  • v. 打賭; 拿...冒險;
  • noun pl. 賭注,賭金; 樁;
  • If he stakes money on that horse, I hope it wins
  • He stakes his life on it, that's how sure he is
  • They put up his stakes to $300 on the boxing match
  • He has put stakes in the ground where you can tie your dogs

【生活常識】如何栽種番茄:綑綁法 How to Grow Tomatoes: Staking

【生活常識】如何栽種番茄:綑綁法 How to Grow Tomatoes: Staking Image 03:44
  1. so how are we going to tie these to our stakes? well, you can see here, i'm using strips of

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"F2C2012: Aaron Swartz keynote - ""How we stopped SOPA"""

'F2C2012: Aaron Swartz keynote - ''How we stopped SOPA''' Image 22:52
  1. stakes. but mostly, it’s a personal story, because i didn’t have time to research any

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Bread Mold Kills Bacteria

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誠實預告片 - 魔戒 (Honest Trailers - The Lord of the Rings)

誠實預告片 - 魔戒 (Honest Trailers - The Lord of the Rings) Image 04:28
  1. narrator (cont’d) a film with such fake emotional stakes - gandalf

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"March 6, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles"

'March 6, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles' Image 09:51
  1. these white stakes that you can see is effectively the border between north and south korea.

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Justice:What's The Right Thing To Do ep-01

Justice:What's The Right Thing To Do ep-01 Image 54:56
  1. suppose the stakes are even bigger.

  2. suppose the stakes are even bigger?

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  1. 1.a boy that is shy and [scared of heights] 2.a sexy,smart,[athletic] boy but sometimes [slutty]
    1.[Gab]:Ride [The Rollercoaster]! [Alstin]:No! Gab:You are such a Stakes! 2.*hot boy passes by* Some Chick:oooh dat boy is such a stakes!
  2. A [fake stoner] usually from 15-17 years old, always brags about he/she is always high. Usually posting on facebook status with misspelled words like, "Am sooo [hiii]" "Im happy cuz im high" "dum haterz dont now about weed." Always annoying you when you are talking about something and they're always bringing [weed up].
    Stop [trying to] be [a stoner], [STAKE]!
  3. A sharp [wooden] stick used to [dust] [vampires], people enter the stake through the heart and the vampire turns to dust
    [Quick] pass me a stake, [this guy] is trying to [bite me]
  4. An action common to modern day [teenagers], when a girl or a guy takes something from a friend or [sibling] because they have [gotten] permission before and dont feel like asking again. A combination of steal & take.
    Man, I guess I should stake [John's] [PSP] for this very [long car] ride.
  5. at [risk]; [one] [the line]
    When your [survival] is at stake, [pleasure] and pain will [be strong] motivators.
  6. The minimum amount required to [play a hand] of poker. Also, the minimum amount of effort your [lazy ass] needs to [expend] to compete at work, in relationships and basically all facets of life.
    Look, I've set [the bar] very [low], but [showing] up to work is table stakes for keeping your job.
  7. The third race in [the Triple Crown]. It is held at Belmont Park in New York. This is the longest race in the Triple Crown, as it is 1 1/2 miles, and it can [make or break] a [Triple Crown] champion.
    The most impressive running of the Belmont Stakes was in 1973 when [Secretariat] won by an [astounding] 31 [lengths] and set the still-standing world record of 2:24 for a mile and a half.