• US /stedʒ/
  • UK /steɪdʒ/
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  • v. 籌劃;舉行; 假裝; 上演,舉行,籌辦;
  • n. 舞台,戲劇; 階段,部分;
  • Diane chose to stage a party to raise money for cancer research
  • Mike wanted to stage his death so he could collect the insurance money
  • Susan and her father always stage a concert as a team
  • Susan played guitar on the stage beside her father
  • Tommy grew out of the thumb sucking stage by the time he was four

The Scientific Power of Naps

The Scientific Power of Naps Image 01:54
  1. the final stage known as rapid eye movement,

    最後一個階段稱為 快速動眼期階段,
  2. in stage 1, slow eye movement begins

6512 80 B2 中高級 有中文字幕
  1. The act of taking a shit on an object at the request of someone else
    Guy1: "can you stage my laptop for me?" Guy2: "thats pretty gross, but okay"
  2. Where all the action happens. Where the actors are brought to life, and where the techies live when the shows not on. Possesses many magical properties.
    Ewwwww. what's that white stuff on the stage? Gross techies. I wanna help paint the stage! No, you can't your feet will get all black, and I'm giving you a ride home. I don't want that shit in my car. Awwwwwwwww
  3. 1. Synonym for "levels" 2. The hottest shit going down in Miami this weekend. Reggae party at Pro Player Stadium (Miami Dolphins). Find me at VIP.
    Example 1: "I'll buy another video game once I clear all the stages on this one." Example 2: "Absolute Entretainment is holding it down this saturday at Stages, but don't bring sand to the beach"