• US /ˈstebəl/
  • UK /'steɪbl/
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  • adj. 穩固的; (化學)穩定的; (情緒)穩定的; (健康狀況)穩定的;
  • n. 一群賽馬;
  • v. 馬厩;
  • Yes, I think the desk is stable now, that piece of wood helped
  • The bond between hydrogen and oxygen in water is very stable
  • Wendy's parents had a very stable marriage
  • He has a stable job, now he wants a family
  • Nicole put the horses in the stable so they could rest
  • They stable horse in the farm near the river

害羞讓你怯步不前?克服羞怯的方法 (How to Overcome Shyness)

害羞讓你怯步不前?克服羞怯的方法 (How to Overcome Shyness) Image 05:59
  1. the young milkmaid stammered when the earl's son visited the stable.

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  1. To have more than 2 woman
    I am going to get me a stable of hoes
  2. Noun: a building where animals, especially [horse]s, are housed. Adjective: relatively permanent or unchanging, firmly fixed or established; unlikely to be [unbalanced], changed, [destroy]ed or altered. [Consistent], [dependable], and [moderate].
    The stable rang with the sounds of a young [mare] in labor; the yelps of the other horses brought the farmer running. He and his wife remained calm and stable as they helped the mare give birth to her first [foal], a beautiful chestnut [filly].
  3. Having or maintaining a collection of sexual partners.
    He had a stable of women. [collection] [numerous] [several] [group]