• US /sprɪŋ/
  • UK /sprɪŋ/
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  • n. 彈簧;發條; 跳;躍;蹦; 春季,春天; 泉,泉水;
  • v. 使彈起;使彈開; 跳;
  • The spring in the mattress kept it from getting soft
  • She took a big spring and was on the other side of the river
  • I love the spring when the flowers come out
  • Robert took a long drink from the cool mountain spring
  • The design of the mattress helps it to spring back into shape
  • The frog was known to spring from one pool to another

時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum Image 02:03:07
  1. but also to that cosmos ancient and vast from which we spring.

    也是出於對我們的源頭 浩瀚宇宙的義務
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彩虹小馬同人創作 Snowdrop - SillyFillyStudios

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  1. windith: the eve following the spring sunrise, the rain pegasi

  2. on that note how is everyone coming along with their spring sunrise

    說到這個, 大家的立春日出報告進度如何了?
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  1. The time period, in the Northern Hemisphere, between Winter (Dec. 21 to Mar. 20) and Summer (June 21 to Sept. 20), usually starting on the Vernal Equinox, March 21st and lasting until June 20th.
    In Canada, we don't really have spring, summer and autumn, just winter and road repair season!
  2. The season in which ugly girls still appear ugly, but hot girls appear 10 times hotter.
    Emil: Damn, I never knew Josie was so hot! Da'shaun: It's because it's Spring!
  3. If you're in college, the time when all the girls pull out their 'assets' from hiding and show them in short skirts, halters, and flipflops. Very nice weather too.
    Winter makes you forget what you've been missing, but spring reminds you.
  4. german word for 'jump'
    i will spring into style this year
  5. Pay. Generally indicates that the person is doing it as a favour or out of generosity.
    I'll spring for a takeaway if you come over and tickle my toes
  6. Perfection
    "Spring Daisy Guajardo, is perfection."
  7. a way to define a black persons hair
    hey tyrone you left springs all over the place after twisting your corn rows