• US /spɑt/
  • UK /spɒt/
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  • n. 地點,處所; 處於困境,陷入困境; 點; 少量,少許; 斑點,污漬;
  • v. 認出,發現;
  • This spot is where I will build my home
  • She is in a difficult spot at the moment with no job and a hungry child to feed
  • Steve is aiming for a top ten spot in golf in the country
  • Can I have a spot of butter, please?
  • There's a spot on this sheet, can I have a clean one, please?
  • See if you can spot the dog outside, I don't know where he is

天際線魯格聖淘沙 (Skyline LugeSentosa)

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臺北旅遊建議 (Taipei City Guide Travel Tips)

臺北旅遊建議 (Taipei City Guide  Travel Tips) Image 44:38
  1. so we can't go swimming in that very spot because it is over seventy five degrees celsius

    因此,我們不能去游泳在非常現貨 因為它是在75攝氏度
  2. but we're hoping to also spot some birds as well today.

    但我們希望也發現一些鳥類 今天好。
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臺灣美味的街頭小吃 (Tasty Street Food in Taiwan)

臺灣美味的街頭小吃 (Tasty Street Food in Taiwan) Image 07:55
  1. we both enjoyed it, though, and if you spot one, i definitely recommend giving it a try.

    不過,我們都很喜歡它,如果你發現了一個, 我絕對建議嘗試一下。
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臺灣廢棄UFO村之謎。 (Mystery of Taiwan's Abandoned UFO Village)

臺灣廢棄UFO村之謎。 (Mystery of Taiwan's Abandoned UFO Village) Image 18:35
  1. it's a great surf spot and so this was a place to come to relax.

    這是一個很棒的衝浪點等等 這是一個放鬆的地方。
  2. this is the perfect spot in the village to show you the two different types of pod houses here.

    這是村里向您展示的完美地點 這裡有兩種不同類型的吊艙。
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  1. v. to lend money to another.
    Hey, can you spot me 50 g's?
  2. v. To watch out or assist someone that is exercising, especially when using potentially dangerous equipment. n. Someone who spots.
    I can bench 120 on my own but I need a spot to get up to 150. After my first hernia I decided I need a spot when I bench.
  3. 1) a place, which may or may not physically exist, which brings great joy or pleasure. 2) the place where everything happens
    1) "Man, those 10 shots of Everclear really hit the spot. That's exactly what a playa needed." (passes out) Bill Lumbergh, in bed with Jennifer Aniston: "Yeeeeaah, if you could move a little to the left that'd be greeeeaaat. Yeeeeeaah, that's the spot." (drinks coffee) 2) Tyrell: "Yo let's go to Club One tonight and get da mac on wit some bitches." Loc-Dog: "Hell yeah nigga that place be da SPOT."
  4. Spoh-tss - where a small amount of marijuana is rolled into a ball and then pushed together between two red hot butter knives or flat spoons, that have been pre heated on a gas cooker or stove top
    I had less than a dime bag left so i rolled up some spots, heated up the knives and got cut
  5. To cover someone with money when they need it. A place to skateboard, smoke bongs, chill or eat.
    1. "I gotta bribe the UAE officials to get off the charge's. Reckon you can spot me until we get back to Australia?" "Can yo spot me 5 bucks for lunch dude." 2. "I found a new spot last night. Its called the 'Mercury Manual'." "Pull up here, this'll be a sweet 'chop spot'." "The Spot will probably be pumping when we rock up." "This looks like a nice Spot to eat our Fish N Chips."
  6. A name people name their dog when they can't think of something original.
    "my dog spot loves to play fetch."
  7. A place to chill or have a party.
    "Ey yo malone da pawtys atcho spot tonight nigga."
  8. British slang for acne/zits/pimples
    You do realise that I am a teenager and highly susceptible to spots, dont you?” He asked with a snort. “With all the chocolate you are feeding me, you wont be able to see my face next week.” “Ahh, but I know someone who makes this great potion for teenage acne that is a personal invention and not readily available..."
  9. (australasian slang) using two knives heated (usually on the elements on the kitchen stove) to flash-burn a small rolled up ball of marijuana [marijuana] [bud]. for the purpose of smoking, obviously. [high] [ wasted] also known as a knife hit [knife hit]
    "michelle drove the spot for me and i got wasted. alright!"
  10. Method of smoking pot using two hot knives from the stove and small amount of rolled up ganja. Most effective and cheapest way to smike da 'erb
    Who's up for spots? Those 3 spots knocked me on my ass