• US /sʌm/
  • UK /səm/
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  • det. 若干的 ; 少許的 ; 某些 ; 大約 ; 相當多的 ; 某些人 ; 有些 ; 多多少少 ; 非常 ; 一些 ; 兩 ; 些;
  • adj. 好的;優秀的; 一些的;
  • pron. 某些;
  • Would you like some of this miso soup? It’s delicious
  • That was some football game on Saturday!
  • Some of us went to the restaurant after the game
  • Some people prefer coffee, but most people like tea
  1. what a guy/ group of guys is trying to get when he/ they use cologne before leaving the house. [i]synonyms: poon, ass, tail, stank, pootyhole, vadger, coont, etc.[/i]
    gentleman 1: Smell this, dude, it's a guaranteed ofactory panty-dropper gentleman 2: Lemme get a splash of that, I gotta get some tonight
  2. some + adjective: means a lot, very much a regional expression from rural New Brunswick
    "Cops in Fredericton are some foolish..." "Mom's apple pie is some good!"
  3. Swag on my enemy
    You a boss....Yea I got SOME
  4. ass-kicking, or similar.
    "Come get some!" "Who wants some?"