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I'm going to have a snooze after lunch.

FUNCTIONS:LED light flash seven colors, calendar, music alarm, snooze temperature, timer.

Love is letting he take a snooze after dinner.

Who doesn't crave a midday snooze now and then?

We Super stars of Snooze don't nap to replace lost shut-eye or for a shift.

你該使用貪睡鬧鐘嗎?Should You Use The SNOOZE Button?

你該使用貪睡鬧鐘嗎?Should You Use The SNOOZE Button? Image 02:21
  1. the snooze button, one of man's best inventions...until nine minutes later when

  2. begins. but the snooze button can do more damage than good, as you fall back asleep

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一夜好眠真幸福!如何睡得更好呢? How To Get Better Sleep

一夜好眠真幸福!如何睡得更好呢? How To Get Better Sleep Image 04:13
  1. having this specific task plan in the morning helps you to avoid hitting the snooze button and falling back asleep.

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總是想睡懶覺?幾招讓你不再賴床!How To Wake Up Better

總是想睡懶覺?幾招讓你不再賴床!How To Wake Up Better Image 02:14
  1. and for the love of everything that is holy, don't hit snooze.

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  1. To take a nap, typically during the daytime hours. Usually short in length, and used to rest up before an actvity.
    "I am going to take a snooze for a minute. Wake me when it's time to leave."
  2. The most useless button on an alarm clock
    I mean, what the hell? you hit the snooze button and you get woken up again in 15 minutes. 15 minutes of sleep hardly makes a difference
  3. brief sleep, usually in bed, may involve some drooling
    Let's snooze: My place or yours.
  4. to not attend or miss something or an event
    1.i snoozed school today,im so cool should have been to that party last night.sorry,i snoozed. 3.omg u missed mid-terms,now u have to take them during that linkin park concert.awww man,i thought they were next week,i wish i hadnt snoozed.
  5. 1. to sleep 2. something that induces sleep
    It seemed that whenever Ash tried to use Charizard, it would always disobey him and take a snooze.