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  • v. 偷偷地做; 偷偷;
  • noun pl. 偷偷地走;
  • She sneaks around the office stealing supplies
  • The prisoner sneaks contrabands inside his prison cells
  • These sneaks talk about their wives


【TED】Rives:談凌晨四點鐘 Image 09:10
  1. for this historic quadrennial event that just sort of sneaks up on you.

    四年一次的典禮,就這樣偷偷來到一樣 for this historic quadrennial event that just sort of sneaks up on you.
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我們都有癮頭的原因 (Why We Are All Addicts)

我們都有癮頭的原因 (Why We Are All Addicts) Image 04:14
  1. who nurses a bottle of gin in a paper bag at nine in the morning or who sneaks off at every opportunity

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嘗試台灣小吃 (Trying 4 Taiwanese snacks - ( mukbang ))

嘗試台灣小吃 (Trying 4 Taiwanese snacks -   ( mukbang )) Image 09:03
  1. there's nothing spicy yet but sometimes it sneaks up to you later.

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  1. cheap shotting someone when they dont expect it
    like if hes talking to someone and i come from nowhere and sneak him right in the face
  2. comes from sneakers so it means shoes
    yo ma sneaks aint clean
  3. Quietly moving around places that you aren't supposed to. Also to come up behind someone without noticing and possibly scaring them if they notice you.
    "What are you doing sneaking around here at this time of night?"
  4. 1. to punch someone in the face, considered archaic but is still commended and praised when people of urban background (or people affiliated with people from urban backgrounds) reminisce over times of beating the asses of others. Used in early 80's (possibly earlier)up to late 90's. *past tense form- snuck
    1. Man I was listenin to my krush groove tape, lookin all fresh with my big ass gold chain on and shit, when John dumb ass walked past and tripped over my boom box. So I snuck the shit out of him. 2. On some real shit yo, niggas don't say it no more but a lil while back...sayin you would sneak a nigga was the thing, when you had to straighten a muthafucka out, feel me?
  5. To disregard society in hopes to gain sexual relation with a subsequent other.
    after school i was trying to take Ashley in C building to sneak.
  6. Someone who you be messing around with, without anyone knowing, or having a clue that you are.
    Aye bro, i'm finna be at da sneak's house!!
  7. A person who goes places and does things they are not supposed to do without being detected.
    Josh is such a Sneak, you know he went in the Robinson's backyard and stole their sons bike.
  8. A double-crossing, slimy little shrew-like buccaneer.
    Dez you sneaky little slime!
  9. secretly hooking up wth someone. usually because you're cheating on you bf/gf
    Example 1 Guy: Hey girl, you wanna sneak? Girl: Don't you have a girlfriend? Guy: Yeah, so? Thats why we are gonna sneak. Girl: Okay. Let's do it. Example 2 Guy: Hey girl, you wanna sneak? Girl: You're a senior and I'm a freshman. I don't think that would be good. Guy: That's why we are gonna sneak. Girl: Oh, sure!